'Mein Aubing': new model condominium opens!

Our new building project "Mein Aubing – Wohnen im Münchner Westen" will include three stages of construction in which we create individual 1- to 4-room condominiums with premium equipment and furnishings and good floor plans. In addition to the sought-after condominiums, our third and final stage of construction – “Mein Aubing 3” – will include 18 modern townhouses.

Each of the condominiums in the project has its own patio with private garden, balcony/loggia or rooftop patio. Selected, premium crafted materials, parquet flooring in all of the living spaces, windows that stretch down to the floor, underfloor heating and towel warmers in the bathroom and shower ensure a pleasant homey feeling throughout.

The overall concept of "Mein Aubing" offers future occupants many positive features: The lively, varied overall design of the residential buildings enhances the pleasant, green neighborhood in Munich-Aubing.

We've opened a 3-room model condominium with rooftop patio in the 1st stage of construction which gives you a good idea of the construction methods, equipment and furnishings, and quality of the project.

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