Living Space in Munich

The demand for top rate living space in Munich is huge and keeps growing. If you want to find the right property, you should therefore seek the help of reliable builders such as DEMOS and INDUWO.
Thanks to our vast experience and our comprehensive know-how in the field of construction, we have the right place for you at hand in Munich and its environs.
Benefit from our numerous construction projects – as an investment or to use for yourself.
Our new building projects have the distinction of...
  • Excellent locations,
  • Attractive, modern architecture,
  • Harmonious, spacious development,
  • Extremely careful planning,
  • Premium, modern equipment and furnishings and
  • Enduring quality.
These benefits will help you obtain high resale values for your new condominium in the long run.
With its fantastic infrastructure, excellent economy and many attractions, Munich is the perfect place to acquire property. We'll help you find your new home in Munich.

All-inclusive Support Guaranteed

We offer you comprehensive, competent support from the start to help you find the ideal property for you. It begins with selecting the right location, then the right property, followed by helping you secure a lender and apply for public subsidies, and finally selecting your individual equipment and furnishings. Even once your home is built and the key has been handed over, you still have our support. We'll be there to answer any questions you have about your property.
Top properties in desirable locations plus all that Munich has to offer – lots of good reasons to buy a condominium with DEMOS and INDUWO. And there's one more thing: the interest rates for real estate loans are extremely low at present. It means that, if you invest now, you also benefit from exceptional lending opportunities.
There's never been a cheaper time to buy property in Munich.
Talk to us if you want to make your dream of owning your own home a reality. Find your dream property with DEMOS and INDUWO.