Condominiums Munich: Patio Pasing - Illustration 1

MUNICH-PASING - Property under construction

The Patio Pasing project is located in the beautiful district of Pasing-Obermenzing right next to the Nymphenburg Palace Park and near downtown Pasing.

Key information:

  • Condominiums with 1 to 4 rooms
  • Living space of between approx. 31 m² and 142 m²

GRONSDORF (HAAR) - Preannouncement

A new construction project is being built in Gronsdorf (Haar) on Peter-Wolfram-Strasse.

  • Condominiums
  • Terraced houses (in shared ownership)
  • Commercial units
Property Gronsdorf (Haar): NaturQuartett-Gronsdorf - Preannouncement - Illustration 1
property Mein Aubing - am Park - illustration 1

MUNICH-AUBING - construction has begun

The construction project "MEIN AUBING - Am Park" is being built in Munich-Aubing.

  • Modern condominiums with 1 to 4 rooms
  • Approx. 32 m² to approx. 141 m² living space

KIRCHHEIM - Property under construction

The "Westanger" construction project is the latest construction phase of GRÜNE MITTE KIRCHHEIM

  • Modern condominiums with 1,5 to 5 rooms
  • Approx. 39 m² to approx. 116 m² living space
property Grüne Mitte Kirchheim - Westanger - condominiums - illustration 1
condominiums Grünfeld 1 - illustration 1

MUNICH-FELDMOCHING - Property under construction

"The "Grünfeld #1" construction project is being built in Munich-Feldmoching.

  • Condominiums with 1 to 5 rooms
  • Approx. 33 m² to approx. 118 m² living space

MUNICH-PERLACH - Ready for occupancy

In München-Perlach, the "ALEXISQUARTIER" building section "ALEXISQUARTIER - Das Duett" is under construction:

  • Condominiums with 1 to 4 rooms
  • Living space of between approx. 27 m² and approx. 121 m²


Condominiums Alexisquartier - Das Duett - Illustration 1



Why spend a considerable sum every month on something you will never own? Why not buy instead of renting? Anyone interested in buying a home will be familiar with these questions. After all, the desire to own your own four walls is linked to existential needs such as financial independence. Individuality and retirement security, but also self-realisation and appreciation in value. There are a whole range of good reasons to consider buying a condominium in or around Munich. Not least of these is the special location - especially in a city like Munich, which is one of the most attractive property locations in Germany. 


There is probably no other German metropolis where the demand for rental space is as high as in Munich. This city is growing and has a magnetic effect with its economic opportunities and unique quality of life The supply of rental flats is correspondingly limited. Above all, the expected rent increases make a condominium in Munich a real alternative to other investments. The advantages are obvious: anyone living in a condominium has successfully decoupled themselves from the unpredictable rental market. At the same time, the high demand secures the desired prospective tenants. if you do not live in your flat yourself - for example, because you are buying it as a retirement home and using it as a source of income until then. And the optimal future prospects of the Bavarian capital, which have been confirmed by all reputable sources, contribute to the fact that condominiums in Munich remain stable in value and may even continue to increase in value.


Those who live in a condominium in Munich as owner-occupiers enjoy special advantages: Ownership comes with obligations, but also many rights. For example, you can change the layout of your own flat according to your personal preferences and possible uses. No landlord gets in the way. And while the tenants in the neighbouring building may be confronted with the next rent increase, you yourself will sooner or later live rent-free. If you do want to change your place of residence, the chances are good that the condominium in Munich can be rented out profitably - which would cover another rent payment, for example. It is important that the flat in question is purchased with your own life prospects in mind and is also your first choice in old age. Otherwise: In a good Munich location, nothing will stand in the way of the profitable resale of a condominium.


Owner-occupation. Retirement provision - but what about a condominium as an investment? Property is still regarded as a profitable investment. Location, purchase price, demand and other factors determine the value of a condominium as an investment property. Of course, it is difficult to make generalised statements for a large local market like Munich. However, analysts agree that the property market meets and will meet no less high demand at comparatively high prices. This is why the vacancy risk in other regions is significantly lower. Residential property under a white-blue sky can not only pay off on a grand scale for keenly calculating investors, but also promises regular monthly income as a rental property in private hands.