Condominium in Munich

Condominiums in Munich are fiercely coveted. With the right partner, you can find the newly built property that best fits your needs.

Welcome to DEMOS and INDUWO, two strong partners with many years of experience who you can trust.

When you choose us to help you acquire your dream property, you choose a builder of uncompromising quality and security. That's why we're one of the leading builders in Munich and its environs.
You've found the right builder; now it's time for us to work with you to find the right property. In this regard, we can offer you a vast range of newly built real estate in the most coveted locations in Munich.

Munich is growing and growing

By choosing a new home in Munich, you'll become of the 1.5 million happy inhabitants of Bavaria's capital city. Because of its diversity and excellent economy, Munich enjoys constant growth.

This in turn makes real estate and residential property in Munich extremely coveted and ensures a steadily rising demand.

Therefore, seize the moment and invest in a condominium. You'll also benefit from the fact that construction financing is available at low interest rates at present. Secure your dream property in Munich now and benefit from the steadily growing demand and therefore the prospect of a rising value of your property.

Property and retirement income Instead of rental costs

By doing so, your home becomes an asset and an investment in your future. You won't be giving away rent anymore but instead doing something for your retirement. In addition to the financial advantages and tax perks as a homeowner, you'll enjoy independence and freedom with your own home.
Purchase a newly built condominium in Munich and its environs now and, when you do so, rely on the right partners: DEMOS and INDUWO. Together we'll make your dream of having your own home a reality.