Buying a Home in Munich

Finding a beautiful home in Munich is by no means easy. That's why you need a reliable local partner: DEMOS and INDUWO. We're one of the leading builders in Munich and its environs and we bring numerous new construction projects to fruition each year in the most attractive locations in Munich.
Whether you're looking for a condominium in Munich or in its green surroundings, we are the right partner for you.
Our residential properties have the distinction of exclusive equipment and furnishings and, thanks to their location, feature excellent infrastructure and short distances. Furthermore, the many green oases invite residents to take a break from daily stress.
In addition to condominiums, our portfolio naturally includes attractive houses. We can offer you the right residential property for your every need. Whether you're single, a family or a pensioner, our range of products and services features tailored solutions for all.
Owning a home in Munich means enjoying many benefits:
  • By purchasing a condominium or house, you avoid paying expensive rent.

  • At the same time, you ensure your own future and that of your family, because property in Munich is not only an excellent choice for owner occupation; it's also a great investment.

  • It'll help you enjoy a great deal of financial independence in the future.

  • You could let out your property profitably because demand for appealing rental property in Munich is extremely high and will likely continue to grow.

  • Property prices are rising equally steadily so reselling your condo or house will very likely be profitable.

  • Furthermore, as a property owner you enjoy attractive tax benefits.

A competent partner is indispensable

To ensure nothing goes wrong with your property purchase, rely on a strong partner with experience and let them give you full support. We're by your side to help you select the right property all the way through to handing over the keys to your finished property.
Don't take risks when buying a condominium; trust in our decades of experience as builders of residential property.
DEMOS and INDUWO for a safe and secure home!