Munich and its environs as a place to live

When Germany's citizens are asked where they would most like to live, the majority regularly choose Munich. The capital of Bavaria radiates a quite special atmosphere and is often nicknamed the "Monaco of Bavaria" because of its Mediterranean flair. The city is famous around the world for the “Wiesn”, the local name for the Oktoberfest. The largest fair in the world draws millions of visitors to the Theresienwiese every year. However, the city has much more to offer than this one spectacle. The Auer Dult annual markets, the Christmas markets, the idyllic squares, the banks of the Isar river, the shaded beer gardens and a multitude of attractions ensure a high quality of life. Furthermore, Munich boasts an excellent reputation as a city of higher education, art and culture.

There is also its favorable geographic location within a recreational area that offers people a cornucopia of options. The Alps lie just over a one-hour drive away, and residents can choose from a plethora of swimming lakes. Some are even easily reached by commuter train, like Starnberger See and Ammersee. You can even reach the surrounding mountain lakes, for example, Tegernsee and Kochelsee, within an hour by train or car. Those who favor a shorter drive will find plenty of recreational options less than 30 minutes from Munich: peaceful forests, neat little villages and towns, and inspiring landscapes.

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