Buying a Residential Property in Munich

Those who want to buy residential property in Munich and its environs rely on DEMOS and INDUWO. Shopping for a home is a matter of trust, and you can trust us because we are one of the leading builders in Munich and its environs.
No matter what kind of home you're looking for, be it a detached single-family house, townhouse, semi-detached house or condominium, we have the right property for you.
Take advantage of the current period of low interest rates for financing your dream property. A building loan for around EUR 100,000 can be taken out for monthly repayments of just EUR 250. That makes building loans extremely cheap compared to the past. With a maturity of ten years, interest rates for building loans are around two percent on average at present.

Equally popular as a place to live and do business

There's another argument for buying residential property in Munich soon: The city is booming and one of the most popular locations among businesses and private individuals in Germany and even the world. This is reflected in the real estate prices, which have been rising steadily for years. Forecasts project that they will continue to rise since the demand for premium real estate in attractive locations keeps growing and growing.
That makes now the ideal time to acquire a new home in Munich;
  • You benefit from the currently inexpensive financing possibilities.

  • You invest in a secure future, because the value of your property will very probably rise.

  • You also give yourself the future option of selling your property at a profit or letting it out for additional income.
All you have to do is choose the right builder and select the right property. We have a broad range of first-class real estate available for you in attractive locations in Munich and its environs. We of course assist you with our vast expertise in all issues regarding property acquisition and thereafter. Even after purchase and completion of your new building project, we're there to help you with advice and support.
Buying property is an important decision that you should make together with the right partner. Be on the safe side and choose us: DEMOS and INDUWO.