Home Shopping in Munich

Are you looking for the right partner to make your dream of owning your own home in Munich a reality? You've just found two of them. DEMOS and INDUWO, two strong partners in the field of residential construction who've been leading builders in Munich for decades.
By choosing Munich as your new home city, you're right in vogue. Bavaria's capital is one of the most popular cosmopolitan cities in the world and studies and surveys consistently praise its remarkable infrastructure and quality of life.
Munich is currently the third largest city in Germany with 1.5 million inhabitants. In fact, there are about six million people in the greater Munich area. Numerous prestigious universities, important theaters and famous museums are located in Munich.

A coveted location in Germany and around the World

Significant sports events, an abundance of buildings worth seeing, international trade fairs and conferences and last, but hardly least, the famous “Oktoberfest” make Munich a magnet for tourists. In addition, Munich is one of the most economically successful and quickly growing major cities in Germany. Like Frankfurt, the metropolis on the Isar is the most popular economic and financial centers in Germany, or better said, in the world.
Munich is therefore an excellent choice for the place to buy your property. Talk to us so you can find the property in Munich that suits you best. Our new building projects are all in attractive locations and use premium equipment and furnishings.
Our condos have the distinction of featuring
• Attractive, modern architecture,

• Solid, energy-saving construction,

• Premium, contemporary equipment and furnishings.

• This makes a high resale value very likely and you can benefit from your new home as an investment, for example, for retirement income.

Consulting in all property-related matters

In addition to selecting the right city and a suitable property in an attractive location, there's a whole spectrum of factors to be considered when purchasing a home. Our real estate experts are by your side from start to finish on all questions from planning and financing through to the right equipment and furnishings for you.
If you'd like to avoid unpleasant surprises when you purchase your condominium or house, rely on us: The 50 and more than 30 years of experience boasted by DEMOS and INDUWO respectively speak for themselves.