The INDUWO project "FreiRaum Vaterstetten" is being developed in Vaterstetten, a municipality to the east of Munich. It is located close to the countryside, on the western outskirts of the municipality, and is surrounded by fields and meadows.

  • 1- to 4-room condominiums
  • Living space of between approx. 38 m² and 100 m²
  • Condominiums with a patio or balcony
  • Construction methods compliant with the 2016 Energy Saving Ordinance. Energy efficiency category A
  • Underground parking garage with individual parking spaces
  • Access to underground parking garage from each building
  • Elevators from basement to top floor
  • Furnishings: Underfloor heating, parquet flooring, brand-name-tiling from renowned manufacturers such as Villeroy & Boch, towel warmers in bath and shower, electric shutters, video intercom system
  • Each condominium has its own solar modules on the roof



Vaterstetten is the perfect place to live for anyone looking for a balance between an active career and a tranquil home life near to nature. During the week, you’ll enjoy short commutes thanks to the well laid out connecting roads, and the green surroundings offer you numerous, attractive opportunities for recreational activities.

Commuters and frequent drivers will find that Vaterstetten is the golden mean. By car you can reach the A99/B304 intersection to the southwest in only 6 minutes and the A99/A94 cloverleaf to the north is just over 10 minutes away. You have the option of all four directions at both intersections.
Two bus lines offer regular services from the Dorfstraße stop a short walk away; they’ll take you to one of two commuter train stations quickly: Vaterstetten in only 7 minutes or Baldham in 8 minutes. And your connection is just as quick: The commuter train only takes 23 or 25 minutes to Munich’s Marienplatz, 22 or 24 minutes to Ebersberg.


"FreiRaum Vaterstetten" offers attractive condominiums in a gorgeous, healthy environment near to nature. The environmentally friendly thinking that threads its way throughout the residential concept spans from the private gardens and the so-called “ginkgo greenery” in the inner courtyard all the way to the solar collectors on the rooftops.

Warm colors on the facades facing the courtyard bring out the best of the modern, cozy architecture. And the balconies, most of which face south or west, grant residents sunny vistas.

In addition to the private gardens, there are plenty of generous green and open spaces directly in front of the buildings for common use. Children will love the playgrounds, where they’re sure to make new friends quickly.

The underground garage does more than offer protected individual parking spaces for the future residents; it’s also practical. It’s simple to reach and getting your daily shopping into your home is easy as pie


The modern solar energy collectors on the roofs of "FreiRaum Vaterstetten" do more than contribute an ecological energy supply; the resulting self-generation concept gives you greater independence from conventional utility companies.

The solar modules on the housing complex will be allocated between and directly linked to the homes, so that each can enjoy its own energy supply.

As an owner, you’ll decide for yourself how much independence from utility companies you want to have. You may also order an optional energy storage device for your home. The linkups for the battery are already installed as part of the standard package.

Depending on the size of your household, the number of electric devices you have, how much power they draw, and when they draw it, your self-generated energy could cover up to 25% of your electricity needs without an energy storage device, or up to 80% with one. Contact us and we’ll be happy to explain the self-generation concept further.


  • Condominiums with a patio or balcony
  • Underground parking garage with individual parking spaces
  • Access to underground parking garage from each building
  • Elevators from basement to top floor
  • Furnishings
    • Underfloor heating
    • Parquet flooring
    • Brand-name-tiling from renowned manufacturers such as Villeroy & Boch
    • Towel warmers in bath and shower
    • Electric shutters
    • Video intercom system
    • Each condominium has its own solar modules on the roof
    • Optional energy storage device


Floor plan
House 2
2011 Roomwith Patio / gardenGround floor43.2051.09Sold
2022 Roomwith Patio / gardenGround floor58.9969.40Sold
2033 Roomwith Patio / gardenGround floor85.5494.42Sold
2113 Roomwith Balcony1st floor77.3888.35Sold
2123 Roomwith 2 Balkone1st floor79.9190.31Sold
2213 Roomwith Balcony2nd floor77.4288.47Sold
2223 Roomwith 2 Balkone2nd floor79.9190.31Sold
2233 Roomwith Balcony2nd floor84.4691.31Sold
House 3
3013 Roomwith Patio / gardenGround floor87.41100.56Sold
3023 Roomwith Patio / gardenGround floor83.6098.57Sold
3113 Roomwith 2 Balkone1st floor78.8490.38Sold
3122 Roomwith Balcony1st floor54.5860.39Sold
3133 Roomwith Balcony1st floor85.0293.99Sold
3213 Roomwith 2 Balkone2nd floor78.8490.38Sold
3222 Roomwith Balcony2nd floor54.6460.52Sold
3233 Roomwith Balcony2nd floor85.1094.01Sold
House 4
4013 Roomwith Patio / gardenGround floor79.7190.08Sold
4031 Roomwith Patio / gardenGround floor37.9844.30Sold
4113 Roomwith Balcony1st floor78.0386.51Sold
4124 Roomwith Balcony1st floor99.24106.90Sold
4213 Roomwith Balcony2nd floor77.9786.38Sold
4224 Roomwith Balcony2nd floor99.21106.84Sold
House 5
5011 Roomwith Patio / gardenGround floor38.9343.07Sold
5022,5 Roomwith Patio / gardenGround floor77.6493.42Sold
5113 Roomwith 2 Balkone1st floor78.5789.64Sold
5122 Roomwith Balcony1st floor55.2561.43Sold
5133 Roomwith Balcony1st floor84.8591.18Sold
5213 Roomwith 2 Balkone2nd floor78.5789.64Sold
5222 Roomwith Balcony2nd floor55.2561.43Sold
5233 Roomwith Balcony2nd floor84.8591.18Sold
House 6
6013 Roomwith Patio / gardenGround floor90.53100.03Sold
6023 Roomwith Patio / gardenGround floor83.5897.51Sold
6032 Roomwith Patio / gardenGround floor63.9672.53Sold
6114 Roomwith 2 Balkone1st floor95.72107.87Sold
6123 Roomwith Balcony1st floor80.0889.00Sold
6134 Roomwith Balcony1st floor100.02109.16Sold
6214 Roomwith 2 Balkone2nd floor95.72107.87Sold
6223 Roomwith Balcony2nd floor80.0889.00Sold
6234 Roomwith Balcony2nd floor100.10109.28Sold
House 7
7013 Roomwith Patio / gardenGround floor83.3595.49Sold
7022 Roomwith Patio / gardenGround floor69.5482.64Sold
7114 Roomwith Balcony1st floor93.13101.40Sold
7122 Roomwith 2 Balkone1st floor62.5572.60Sold
7214 Roomwith Balcony2nd floor93.13101.40Sold
7222 Roomwith 2 Balkone2nd floor62.5572.60Sold
House 8
8013 Roomwith Patio / gardenGround floor76.4883.85Sold
8022 Roomwith Patio / gardenGround floor60.1973.29Sold
8113 Roomwith Balcony1st floor80.7085.53Sold
8122 Roomwith Balcony1st floor54.9261.20Sold
8132 Roomwith 2 Balkone1st floor65.8975.96Sold
8213 Roomwith Balcony2nd floor80.7085.53Sold
8222 Roomwith Balcony2nd floor54.9261.20Sold
8232 Roomwith 2 Balkone2nd floor65.8975.96Sold
House 2
291Upgradeable basement roomBasement0.0012.87Sold
House 6
691Upgradeable basement roomBasement0.008.999,500.-Available
692Upgradeable basement roomBasement0.009.48Sold
Number of Condominiums: 53
Number of upgradeable basement rooms: 3
Depending on the size of the condominium, the purchaser must also acquire either:
> An underground garage individual parking space priced at EUR 26,900 to EUR 35,900, depending on the width, or
> A package of 2 underground garage individual parking spaces priced from EUR 45,900 to EUR 56,900, depending on the width.
Condominiums of 60 m² or less require the purchase of a single parking space, while condominiums of more than 60 m² require the purchase of two as a package: (Please contact the salesperson listed under “Contact” for information about the arrangement, location and exact technical specifications of the underground garage parking spaces.)
* Article 48 of the Bavarian Building Code prohibits any change to this floor plan.
Preliminary figures in accordance with Article 16 of the Energy Saving Ordinance:
  • Energy pass classification: Energy performance certificate – Preview (Note: all of the following figures are based on the energy performance certificate – preview)
  • Final energy requirement: 49.9 kWh / (m²*a)
  • Primary energy source for heating and hot water: District heating grid, SW Rosenheim by default
  • Year of construction: 2017 (Note: New building, first occupancy)
  • Energy efficiency category: A



For further information and a consultation, please call to make an appointment
at the property on Nuss-Anger in Vaterstetten:


Mr. Christian Hartmann
Phone: 0049 89 / 231 73 - 320
Cell: 0049 173 - 356 00 24
Ms. Kefrin Zoric
Phone: 0049 89 / 231 73 - 326
Cell: 0049 175 - 931 73 51


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