Property Munich: Forum Allach

DEMOS is currently completing the "FORUM ALLACH" project on Oertelplatz, located right in the center of Munich’s much-loved Allach neighborhood. Sixteen modern, spacious, and welcoming buildings with a total of 114 condominiums are being built here.

1- to 4-room condominiums

  • Living space of between approx. 30 m² and 105 m²
  • Condominiums with a patio/garden, loggia or balcony
  • Construction methods compliant with the 2016 Energy Saving Ordinance. Energy efficiency category A
  • Underground parking garage with individual parking spaces
  • Elevators from basement to top floor
  • Furnishings: Underfloor heating, parquet flooring, brand-name-tiling from renowned manufacturers such as Villeroy & Boch, towel warmers in bath and shower, video intercom system
  • Within walking distance of the München-Allach commuter train station



As a place to live, the outer edge of Munich’s outskirts is as attractive as the inner city. Here, however, you could say that the world is a bit more orderly than it is downtown. More tranquil. More relaxing. Greener. This holds especially true for city district 23 on the northwest edge of Munich, an area better known as "Allach-Untermenzing".
The Allacher Oertelplatz might well raise your pulse. For example, when you already work on Munich’s north side where many work opportunities are on offer. When you have a family and you’d like a bit more of nature for your children – perhaps even your own lawn? When you prefer urban flair with rural charm to an inner city location, no matter how hip. Numerous lakes, some of them quite close, invite you to go for a refreshing swim in the summer months.

You’re going to love it: the many options for planning your day. You can choose to take a cool dip as easily deciding to ride the commuter train into the city or spend your day outdoors in the garden or on the balcony. So, have a good time and enjoy all those activities and all that down time!


The 16 buildings in "FORUM ALLACH" offer homes meeting a broad range of requirements. Families. Couples. Single people. Young. Old. In short: We’ve thought of everything. That sounds like a colorful mix of future residents at Oertelplatz.

The architecture is modern, straightforward and appealing – following the proven, usual DEMOS concept. The outer facades are elegant while the design of the entire site refreshes the space and its entire surroundings and gives them a new luster.


Unspoilt character and a “scent of the new” hold their own, unique fascination. It feels like a privilege to be the first one to run your hand across a surface, open a door and turn a knob. We allow you to enjoy this lovely feeling to the max by making sure all of the equipment in “FORUM ALLACH” is of high quality both to the eye and to the touch.


  • Condominiums with a patio/garden, loggia or balcony
  • Underground parking garage with individual parking spaces
  • Elevators from basement to top floor
  • Furnishings
    • Underfloor heating
    • Parquet flooring
    • Brand-name-tiling from renowned manufacturers such as Villeroy & Boch
    • Towel warmers in bath and shower
    • Video intercom system
Floor plan
Haus 1
1012 Roomswith Patio / gardenGround floor54.4758.49Sold
1023 Roomswith Patio / gardenGround floor79.5884.92Sold
1033 Roomswith Patio / gardenGround floor74.2478.91Sold
1112 Roomswith Loggia1st floor53.5556.65Sold
1123 Roomswith Balcony1st floor78.8783.50Sold
1133 Roomswith Balcony1st floor73.9378.29Sold
1212 Roomswith Loggia2nd floor53.5556.65Sold
1223 Roomswith Balcony2nd floor78.8783.50Sold
1233 Roomswith Balcony2nd floor73.9378.29Sold
Haus 2
2014 Roomswith Patio / gardenGround floor93.5998.18Sold
2022 Roomswith Patio / gardenGround floor55.0658.61Sold
2032 Roomswith Patio / gardenGround floor55.5161.70Sold
2114 Roomswith Loggia1st floor93.0997.18Sold
2122 Roomswith Loggia1st floor54.4557.40Sold
2132 Roomswith Loggia1st floor55.1260.92Sold
2214 Roomswith Loggia2nd floor93.0997.18Sold
2222 Roomswith Loggia2nd floor54.4557.40Sold
2232 Roomswith Loggia2nd floor55.1260.92Sold
Haus 3
3011 Roomswith Patio / gardenGround floor30.4635.00Sold
3022,5 Roomswith Patio / gardenGround floor71.3675.38Sold
3033 Roomswith Patio / gardenGround floor74.8379.23Sold
3041 Roomswith Patio / gardenGround floor32.7835.83Sold
3111 Roomswith Balcony1st floor29.6733.42Sold
3123 Roomswith Loggia1st floor70.5673.78Sold
3133 Roomswith Balcony1st floor74.4278.41Sold
3141 Roomswith Balcony1st floor32.9036.07Sold
3211 Roomswith Balcony2nd floor29.6733.42Sold
3223 Roomswith Loggia2nd floor70.5673.78Sold
3233 Roomswith Balcony2nd floor74.4278.41Sold
3241 Roomswith Balcony2nd floor32.9036.07Sold
Haus 4
4014 Roomswith Patio / gardenGround floor93.0997.18Sold
4022 Roomswith Patio / gardenGround floor55.0658.61Sold
4032 Roomswith Patio / gardenGround floor55.5161.70Sold
4114 Roomswith Loggia1st floor92.8896.76Sold
4122 Roomswith Loggia1st floor54.4557.40Sold
4132 Roomswith Loggia1st floor55.1260.92Sold
4214 Roomswith Loggia2nd floor92.8896.76Sold
4222 Roomswith Loggia2nd floor54.4557.40Sold
4232 Roomswith Loggia2nd floor55.1260.92Sold
Haus 5
5012 Roomswith Patio / gardenGround floor56.1060.79Sold
5023 Roomswith Patio / gardenGround floor80.0886.38Sold
5033 Roomswith Patio / gardenGround floor77.8382.79Sold
5112 Roomswith Balcony1st floor55.5059.59Sold
5123 Roomswith Balcony1st floor79.5985.40Sold
5133 Roomswith Balcony1st floor77.3681.85Sold
5212 Roomswith Balcony2nd floor55.5059.59Sold
5223 Roomswith Balcony2nd floor79.5985.40Sold
5233 Roomswith Balcony2nd floor77.3681.85Sold
Haus 6
6014 Roomswith Patio / gardenGround floor92.6996.38Sold
6022 Roomswith Patio / gardenGround floor55.0658.61Sold
6032 Roomswith Patio / gardenGround floor55.5161.70Sold
6114 Roomswith Loggia1st floor92.4895.96Sold
6122 Roomswith Loggia1st floor54.4557.40Sold
6132 Roomswith Loggia1st floor55.1260.92Sold
6214 Roomswith Loggia2nd floor92.4895.96Sold
6222 Roomswith Loggia2nd floor54.4557.40Sold
6232 Roomswith Loggia2nd floor55.1260.92Sold
Haus 7
7011 Roomswith Patio / gardenGround floor30.4635.00Sold
7022,5 Roomswith Patio / gardenGround floor71.3675.38Sold
7033 Roomswith Patio / gardenGround floor74.8379.23Sold
7041 Roomswith Patio / gardenGround floor32.7835.83Sold
7111 Roomswith Balcony1st floor29.6733.42Sold
7123 Roomswith Loggia1st floor70.5673.78Sold
7133 Roomswith Balcony1st floor74.4278.41Sold
7141 Roomswith Balcony1st floor32.9036.07Sold
7211 Roomswith Balcony2nd floor29.6733.42Sold
7222,5 Roomswith Loggia2nd floor70.5673.78Sold
7233 Roomswith Balcony2nd floor74.4278.41Sold
7241 Roomswith Balcony2nd floor32.9036.07Sold
Haus 8
8013 Roomswith Patio / gardenGround floor70.4774.46Sold
8023 Roomswith Patio / gardenGround floor72.1977.47Sold
8032 Roomswith Patio / gardenGround floor54.2858.97Sold
8113 Roomswith Loggia1st floor70.3274.16Sold
8123 Roomswith Balcony1st floor71.8876.86Sold
8132 Roomswith Loggia1st floor53.7057.81Sold
8213 Roomswith Loggia2nd floor70.3274.16Sold
8223 Roomswith Balcony2nd floor71.8876.86Sold
8232 Roomswith Loggia2nd floor53.7057.81Sold
Haus 11
11014 Roomswith PatioGround floor104.80116.71Sold
11023 Roomswith Patio
incl. equipped basement room no. 1102
Ground floor
Haus 12
12013 Roomswith Patio
incl. equipped basement room no. 1201
Ground floor
12022 Roomswith PatioGround floor62.6472.02Sold
12114 Roomswith Balcony1st floor95.65102.89Sold
12124 Roomswith Balcony1st floor96.62104.03Sold
12214 Roomswith Balcony2nd floor93.86101.10Sold
12224 Roomswith Balcony2nd floor94.40101.81Sold
Haus 13
13012 Roomswith Patio
incl. equipped basement room no. 1301
Ground floor
13024 Roomswith PatioGround floor93.82102.82Sold
13214 Roomswith Balcony2nd floor94.44100.91Sold
13224 Roomswith Balcony2nd floor97.02104.14Sold
Haus 14
14014 Roomswith PatioGround floor94.21103.47Sold
14023 Roomswith Patio
incl. equipped basement room no. 1402
Ground floor
14124 Roomswith Balcony1st floor94.57102.00Sold
14214 Roomswith Balcony2nd floor95.43102.75Sold
14224 Roomswith Balcony2nd floor92.92100.35Sold
Haus 15
15013 Roomswith Patio
incl. equipped basement room no. 1501
Ground floor
15023 Roomswith PatioGround floor82.3091.46Sold
15114 Roomswith Balcony1st floor95.08102.49Sold
15124 Roomswith Balcony1st floor97.49104.73Sold
15214 Roomswith Balcony2nd floor93.28100.69Sold
15224 Roomswith Balcony2nd floor95.27102.51Sold
Haus 16
16014 Roomswith PatioGround floor94.95104.05Sold
16022 Roomswith Patio
incl. equipped basement room no. 1602
Ground floor
16214 Roomswith Balcony2nd floor98.11105.30Sold
16224 Roomswith Balcony2nd floor94.40100.87Sold
Haus 11
1150Upgradeable basement roomBasement0.0014.64Sold
1151Upgradeable basement roomBasement0.009.22Sold
1152Upgradeable basement roomBasement0.0012.75Sold
Haus 13
1350Upgradeable basement roomBasement0.0011.52Sold
1351Upgradeable basement roomBasement0.009.22Sold
1352Upgradeable basement roomBasement0.0014.64Sold
Haus 14
1450Upgradeable basement roomBasement0.0014.67Sold
1451Upgradeable basement roomBasement0.009.22Sold
1452Upgradeable basement roomBasement0.0012.75Sold
Haus 16
1650Upgradeable basement roomBasement0.0015.14Sold
1651Upgradeable basement roomBasement0.009.58Sold
1652Upgradeable basement roomBasement0.0011.60Sold
Number ofCondominiums: 105
Number of upgradeable basement rooms: 12
For each condominium, the purchaser must also acquire a parking space in the underground garage from the following offering:
(Please contact the salesperson listed under the heading “Contact” for information about the availability, location and exact technical specifications of the underground garage parking spaces.)
  •  Underground garage individual parking spaces for EUR 24,900 to EUR 34,900
* Article 48 of the Bavarian Building Code prohibits any change to this floor plan.
Preliminary figures in accordance with Article 16 of the Energy Saving Ordinance:
  • Energy pass classification: Energy performance certificate – Preview (Note: all of the following figures are based on the energy performance certificate – preview)
  • Final energy requirement: 32.0 kWh / (m²a)
  • Primary energy source for heating and hot water: Heat pump water / water, highcaloric gas (Note: Central ground water heat pump with gas peak load boiler)
  • Year of construction: 2016 (Note: New building, first occupancy)
  • Energy efficiency category: A


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