The "HARFE mitte" project sees DEMOS complete the first of three construction phases in the new "Gleisharfe" residential area. The three buildings of "HARFE mitte" are located right in the heart of the new neighborhood.

  • 1- to 4-room condominiums
  • Living space of between approx. 34 m² and 119 m²
  • Condominiums with a loggia or rooftop patio
  • Construction methods compliant with the 2016 Energy Saving Ordinance. Energy efficiency category A
  • Access to underground garage from each building
  • Elevators from basement to top floor
  • Furnishings: Underfloor heating, parquet flooring, brand-name-tiling from renowned manufacturers such as Villeroy & Boch, towel warmers in  bath and shower, video intercom system
  • Located in the heart of the new neighborhood
  • Within walking distance of the München-Neuaubing commuter train station



Neuaubing is a part of Munich’s Aubing-Lochhausen-Langwied district on the city’s up-and-coming west side. People who live here do not have to make the choice between city life and nature.

For sports enthusiasts, the fields, forests and bathing lakes in the area offer countless possibilities. Cycle paths, forests and fields around the Freiham estate are only a few minutes away from “GLEISHARFE süd”. Great destinations for outings like the Aubinger Lohe forest, and the Langwieder and Ammersee lakes can be reached quickly thanks to the excellent connections to the A99, A96 and A8 freeways.

The new, lively city district of Freiham is also close by. It’s the location of an independent part of Munich with comprehensive infrastructure, lots of nature, cultural facilities and plenty of attractive jobs. It’s exciting to see from close up what an independent, inspiring city and cultural lifestyle is developing there.

Here as well as in Aubing you’ll also find all the shops you need day-to-day, as well as physicians, pharmacies, schools and daycare centers. The quick, direct commuter train link to Munich-Pasing and downtown Munich means that vibrant city life with its many shopping opportunities, restaurants, bars and cafés is only a few minutes journey.


"HARFE mitte" is also ideal as a residential location for families: several playgrounds on the new building area and the Boulderwelt climbing world right on the doorstep offer great opportunities for everyone—not just the youngsters—to live out their urge to be active and learn new things. The traditional ESV Neuaubing sports club and the Munich Children’s and Youth Farm are also within walking distance.

In addition, new educational projects are underway. Freiham alone is going to have 13 new day care centers, three elementary schools, and Munich’s largest combined campus that includes an elementary school, a high school, a vocational high school and a center for people with special needs. The new district center in Freiham will also enrich Munich with many shopping facilities, a 58-hectare landscape park and a large sports area.

Sports fans have a lot to look forward to, as an ultra-modern sports area will be created here. Two triple halls and a training pool are currently being planned. There will be all-weather and artificial turf pitches in the outdoor area of the sports park as well as an athletics facility.


As individual as people are today, that’s how diverse our requirements are for our own condominium. The three rows at "HARFE mitte" offer a wide range of carefully planned apartment types and floor plans to suit the diverse needs of modern and individual living.

The "HARFE mitte" housing complex is a jewel for more reasons than merely its appearance. Its "inner values" also make these three rows a splendid choice within this ensemble. In addition to the premium equipment and furnishings, the gentle, organic architectural forms create an especially strong sense of well-being.


  • Condominiums with a loggia or rooftop patio
  • Access to underground parking garage from each building
  • Elevators from basement to top floor
  • Furnishings
    • Underfloor heating
    • Parquet flooring
    • Brand-name-tiling from renowned manufacturers such as Villeroy & Boch
    • Towel warmers in bath and shower
    • Video intercom system


Floor plan
House 1
1013 Roomwith LoggiaGround floor73.4577.30Sold
1023 Roomwith LoggiaGround floor79.9483.09Sold
1113 Roomwith Loggia1st floor73.2976.98Sold
1123 Roomwith Loggia1st floor79.8082.81Sold
1213 Roomwith Loggia2nd floor73.2976.98Sold
1223 Roomwith Loggia2nd floor79.8082.81Sold
1313 Roomwith Rooftop patio3rd floor69.8373.18Sold
1323 Roomwith Rooftop patio3rd floor74.7283.93Sold
1412,5 Roomwith Loggia4th floor66.6870.39Sold
1423 Roomwith Loggia4th floor62.5066.37Sold
House 2
2012 Roomwith LoggiaGround floor56.7060.39Sold
2022 Roomwith LoggiaGround floor56.2559.67Sold
2034 Roomwith LoggiaGround floor103.33108.41Sold
2043 Roomwith LoggiaGround floor81.0086.33Sold
2052 Roomwith LoggiaGround floor56.6459.81Sold
2113 Roomwith Loggia1st floor75.2278.58Sold
2122 Roomwith Loggia1st floor56.2159.77Sold
2132 Roomwith Loggia1st floor56.1159.39Sold
2144 Roomwith Loggia1st floor102.11105.97Sold
2153 Roomwith Loggia1st floor80.6985.71Sold
2163 Roomwith Loggia1st floor72.8776.04Sold
2213 Roomwith Loggia2nd floor75.2278.58Sold
2222 Roomwith Loggia2nd floor56.2159.77Sold
2232 Roomwith Loggia2nd floor56.1159.39Sold
2244 Roomwith Loggia2nd floor101.08104.94726,000.-Reserved
2253 Roomwith Loggia2nd floor80.5485.56Sold
2263 Roomwith Loggia2nd floor72.8776.04Sold
2313 Roomwith 2 rooftop patios3rd floor90.84109.46Sold
2323 Roomwith Rooftop patio3. OG / 4. OG90.56106.61Sold
2333 Roomwith Rooftop patio3rd floor78.3783.30Sold
2343 Roomwith Loggia3rd floor81.2984.30Sold
2413 Roomwith Loggia4th floor76.4280.54Sold
2423 Roomwith Loggia4th floor69.6373.21Sold
2433 Roomwith Loggia4th floor81.2884.28Sold
House 3
3014 Roomwith 2 loggiasGround floor97.92104.74Sold
3021 Roomwith LoggiaGround floor41.5544.56Sold
3031 Roomwith LoggiaGround floor42.8445.85Sold
3043 Roomwith LoggiaGround floor84.2090.60Sold
3114 Roomwith 2 loggias1st floor97.63104.16Sold
3121 Roomwith Loggia1st floor41.3444.14Sold
3131 Roomwith Loggia1st floor42.6245.41Sold
3144 Roomwith Loggia1st floor93.7799.88Sold
3214 Roomwith 2 loggias2nd floor97.63104.16Sold
3221 Roomwith Loggia2nd floor41.3444.14Sold
3231 Roomwith Loggia2nd floor42.6245.41Sold
3244 Roomwith Loggia2nd floor93.7799.88Sold
3314 Roomwith Loggia3rd floor94.2297.82Sold
3321 Roomwith Loggia3rd floor41.3444.14Sold
3331 Roomwith Loggia3rd floor42.6245.41Sold
3344 Roomwith 2 loggias3rd floor93.55102.46Sold
3414 Roomwith Loggia4th floor94.6598.68Sold
3421 Roomwith Loggia4th floor41.2643.98Sold
3431 Roomwith Loggia4th floor42.6245.41Sold
3444 Roomwith 2 loggias4th floor93.56102.47Sold
House 4
4012 Roomwith LoggiaGround floor54.1958.08Sold
4022 Roomwith LoggiaGround floor44.4447.26Sold
4114 Roomwith Loggia1st floor94.75102.07Sold
4122 Roomwith Loggia1st floor53.4456.59Sold
4132 Roomwith Loggia1st floor45.2148.81Sold
4214 Roomwith Loggia2nd floor94.75102.07Sold
4222 Roomwith Loggia2nd floor53.4456.59Sold
4232 Roomwith Loggia2nd floor45.2148.81Sold
House 5
5012 Roomwith LoggiaGround floor56.0658.87Sold
5022 Roomwith LoggiaGround floor54.8758.74Sold
5032 Roomwith LoggiaGround floor54.5358.43Sold
5042 Roomwith LoggiaGround floor58.8063.17Sold
5052 Roomwith LoggiaGround floor49.5053.49Sold
5061 Roomwith LoggiaGround floor42.4645.17Sold
5112 Roomwith Loggia1st floor56.8560.45Sold
5122 Roomwith Loggia1st floor54.5358.06Sold
5132 Roomwith Loggia1st floor53.3756.11Sold
5142 Roomwith Loggia1st floor57.6160.79Sold
5152 Roomwith Loggia1st floor50.0753.06Sold
5162 Roomwith Loggia1st floor62.0765.52Sold
5212 Roomwith Loggia2nd floor56.8560.45Sold
5222 Roomwith Loggia2nd floor54.5358.06Sold
5232 Roomwith Loggia2nd floor53.3756.11Sold
5242 Roomwith Loggia2nd floor57.6160.79Sold
5252 Roomwith Loggia2nd floor50.0753.06Sold
5262 Roomwith Loggia2nd floor62.0765.52Sold
House 6
6013 Roomwith LoggiaGround floor79.6683.27Sold
6022 Roomwith LoggiaGround floor51.8555.58Sold
6031 Roomwith LoggiaGround floor44.1548.51Sold
6113 Roomwith Loggia1st floor78.7581.45Sold
6122 Roomwith Loggia1st floor50.8953.67Sold
6133 Roomwith Loggia1st floor77.8181.07Sold
6213 Roomwith Loggia2nd floor78.7581.45Sold
6222 Roomwith Loggia2nd floor50.8953.67Sold
6233 Roomwith Loggia2nd floor77.8181.07Sold
House 7
7013 Roomwith LoggiaGround floor76.4380.23Sold
7022 Roomwith LoggiaGround floor50.4653.69Sold
7113 Roomwith Loggia1st floor75.6778.71Sold
7122 Roomwith 2 loggias1st floor54.5159.23Sold
7213 Roomwith Loggia2nd floor75.6778.71Sold
7222 Roomwith 2 loggias2nd floor54.5159.23Sold
House 8
8012 Roomwith LoggiaGround floor51.2355.10Sold
8022 Roomwith LoggiaGround floor56.8459.92Sold
8033 Roomwith LoggiaGround floor80.4384.21Sold
8041 Roomwith LoggiaGround floor36.2438.65Sold
8051 Roomwith LoggiaGround floor36.9039.44Sold
8061 Roomwith LoggiaGround floor38.7041.74Sold
8112 Roomwith Loggia1st floor52.0256.68Sold
8122 Roomwith Loggia1st floor56.6659.56Sold
8133 Roomwith Loggia1st floor80.3984.13Sold
8141 Roomwith Loggia1st floor36.2438.65Sold
8151 Roomwith Loggia1st floor36.9039.44Sold
8164 Roomwith Loggia1st floor90.0293.06Sold
8212 Roomwith Loggia2nd floor51.8556.51Sold
8222 Roomwith Loggia2nd floor56.4859.38Sold
8233 Roomwith Loggia2nd floor80.3984.13Sold
8241 Roomwith Loggia2nd floor36.2338.64Sold
8253 Roomwith Loggia2. OG / 3. OG70.3172.85Sold
8264 Roomwith Loggia2nd floor90.0293.06Sold
8312 Roomwith Rooftop patio3rd floor57.0772.43Sold
8324 Roomwith Rooftop patio3rd floor126.95150.80Sold
8334 Roomwith Loggia3rd floor86.8789.91Sold
House 5
Number of Condominiums: 116
Number of upgradeable basement rooms: 1
For each condominium, the purchaser must also acquire a parking space in the underground garage from the following offering:
(Please contact the salesperson listed under "Contact" for information about the availability, location and exact technical specifications of the underground garage parking spaces, as well as the type of parking system, maximum vehicle height, width and length and permitted capacity of the space.)
  • Underground garage individual parking space No. 1, 3, 21, 22, 29, 30, 32, 44 for EUR 26,900
  • Underground garage individual parking space No. 2, 15, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 33, 37,
  • 45, 46, 53 ,54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65 for EUR 29,900
  • Underground garage individual parking space No. 47, 48 (width about 2.64 m) for EUR 30,900
  • Underground garage individual parking space No. 35, 38 (width about 2.67 m) for EUR 30,900
  • Underground garage individual parking space No. 20 (width about 2.74 m) for EUR 30,900
  • Underground garage individual parking space No. 49 (width about 2.91 m) for EUR 31,900
  • Underground garage individual parking space No. 36 (width about 2.96 m) for EUR 31,900
  • Underground garage individual parking space No. 34 (width about 2.97 m) for EUR 31,900
  • Underground garage individual parking space No. 31 (width about 2.99 m) for EUR 31,900
  • Underground garage individual parking space No. 50 (width about 3.00 m) for EUR 31,900
  • Underground garage individual parking space No. 51 (width about 3.09 m) for EUR 32,900
  • Underground garage individual parking space No. 13, 14 (width about 3.16 m) for EUR 33,900
  • Underground garage individual parking space No. 52 (width about 3.27 m) for EUR 33,900
  • Underground garage individual parking space No. 12 (width about 4.02 m) for EUR 37,900
  • Four-car Parker, set height of 1.80 m for EUR 22,900
* Article 48 of the Bavarian Building Code prohibits any change to this floor plan.
Preliminary figures in accordance with Article 16 of the Energy Saving Ordinance:
  • Energy pass classification: Energy performance certificate – Preview (Note: all of the following figures are based on the energy performance certificate – preview)
  • Final energy requirement: 49.9 kWh / (m²a)
  • Primary energy source for heating and hot water: Local and district heating
  • Year of construction: 2016 (new building, first occupancy)
  • Energy efficiency category: A


to our show apartment in Fritz-Bauer-Strasse 28 on the 2nd floor (the show condo is in the initial, already completed construction phase):

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

or call for an appointment:


Mr. Frank Possinger
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Cell: 0049 151 - 651 73 317
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Mr. Ralf Schülzke
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