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Discover “Park Quartett” Schwabing!

Those who decide to live in the city have quite specific expectations. These include short commutes and short trips to recreational activities as well as an environment with a wealth of cultural offerings, shopping destinations and plenty of inspiration. “Park Quartett” Schwabing not only fulfills, but exceeds all of these expectations. Because this ensemble merges hip city life, nature, elegant architecture and well-designed living comfort.

The ensemble. Four times the living pleasure. Lots of possibilities.

“Park Quartett” Schwabing is located in the most attractive part of the new Domagkpark neighborhood: directly in the central, spacious park with its mature trees.

True greatness. Compact with plenty of space.

It's not a contradiction; the four condominium buildings are compact and only house a few units so there's more room for the personal fulfillment of residents. The wide distances between the buildings also provide sunlight and space.

Reduced shapes. Maximized utility.

Each building’s basic form, a cube, creates the conditions for making ideal use of floor layouts and allowing lots of friendly light into the rooms. The appeal of the dynamic architecture lies in incisive elements, such as contrasting balcony trimming.

The DEMOS eco-quartet: Nature wins

“Park Quartett” Schwabing was built with an eye toward environmental friendliness and sustainability. The environmental concept is based on four pillars: solar energy usage, heat recovery, the use of renewable resources, and the treatment and recycling of graywater.

Directly at the neighborhood park: Ample nature right at your front door

“Park Quartett” Schwabing spoils its residents with a neighborhood park in the immediate vicinity. Thanks to windows that stretch down to the floor and a balcony or loggia in every condo, the surroundings provide a natural framework around the home. The ground floor apartments have private gardens with patios, while the condos “way up high” have spacious rooftop patios.

Inviting and bright. Instant impressions of spaciousness.

Some rooms are capable of instantly conveying a sense of welcome – like those in the condominiums at “Park Quartett” Schwabing. Their comfortable layout and light atmosphere create a feeling of ease, while the materials used add to the overall homey feeling.

Munich is the stage and Schwabing is the star.

Located in the middle of one of the most significant major cities in the world, yet still in a world of its own. As much a home to artists as it is to families, as appealing to hip trendsetters as it is to those seeking the “real” Munich: The district of Schwabing is full of contradictions that are united to create a unique sense of life. Schwabing is constantly redefining itself yet remains familiar. You don't merely reside in Schwabing; you create, you enjoy and you live, with passion and with all senses.

Facing the future with creativity. Innovation produces opportunity.

Schwabing, the city of parks, is located right next to Domagkpark. Here urban planners are seizing a rare opportunity: to tailor a neighborhood entirely to the needs of modern city dwellers. For example, Domagkpark offers an attractive mix of being near the city and adjacent to recreational areas. Domagkpark is where urban lifestyles are enriched by a multitude of worthy aspects!

The ideal location for whatever it is you have planned.

Go to the fitness studio in nearby Parkstadt, to the neighborhood meeting place at Bauhausplatz, to the shop for a few groceries or to the terminus of the 23 tram line; no matter where your day's rovings taking you, you can enjoy getting their quickly. That's because it’s not far from “Park Quartett” Schwabing to a multitude of destinations for shopping, recreation and dining out. For example, the northern part of the English Garden is a mere 5-minute bicycle ride away, and it's only a 7-minute ride to the Aumeister beer garden.