Condominiums munich: An der Lohe 2

DEMOS is poised to introduce more modern 1- to 4-room condominiums with AN DER LOHE ² in Lochhausen amid the green environs of West Munich.

The properties border the AN DER LOHE ² building project, which is currently underway to the south, and sit in close proximity to the Aubinger Lohe conservation area, situated between swimming lakes, woods and fields.

Thanks to the existing infrastructure with excellent links to public transport and a well-constructed network of roads, there’s a huge variety of opportunities to explore: shopping facilities, educational facilities, and leisure and relaxation spots, among others.


  • Condominiums with up to 4 rooms, and with approx. 29 to 100 m² living space
  • Condominiums with patio, loggia, balcony, or rooftop patio
  • Modern and welcoming architecture with large windows
  • Construction methods compliant with 2016 Energy Saving Ordinance, “KfW 55” efficiency house
  • Energy efficiency category A
  • Property features an underground garage with individual parking spaces
  • Step-free access from the underground parking garage to each building
  • Elevator from Basement to top floor
  • Living spaces with a clear height of approx. 2.6 m (excluding areas with suspended ceilings)
  • Underfloor heating
  • Quality parquet flooring
  • High-quality bathroom furnishings from Villeroy & Boch, Laufen, Keuco, and Hansgrohe, among others
  • Mostly walk-in showers
  • Towel warmers in bathroom and shower
  • Electric external shutters
  • Video intercom System



Construction progress: Construction has begun


We all want a modern condominium. But we want it to be high-quality, peaceful, surrounded by green space, yet close to the city. Ideally with plenty of leisure facilities, swimming lakes nearby, and excellent infrastructure.

It might sound like a dream, but we’re making it a reality. With no compromises. Get ready for our new building project, AN DER LOHE ².

AN DER LOHE ² creates an atmospheric living environment for you – packaged in modern architecture, yet still in harmony with the natural setting. For families, singles, and couples who want more than just real estate.

Property An der Lohe 2 - aerial photo city
Property An der Lohe 2 - overall view


Residential living in itself is not enough for us. AN DER LOHE ² offers so much more. It combines closeness to nature with a wide range of leisure activities in condominiums ranging from compact to spaciously family-friendly, catering for different intentions and lifestyles with modern architecture and quality Features.

Spaciousness, greenery and design are attractively combined in AN DER LOHE ² – and yet that city oasis feeling is just as close as the suburban commuter train station. The modern architecture is characterized by fine craftsmanship – modern materials taking into account the spirit of the times as well as the high quality you quite rightly expect.


Feeling totally comfortable and at home: this is why we place so much emphasis on both the exterior and the interior. AN DER LOHE ² offers an interplay between precise architecture, lush green space design and living space designed to maximize light, exciting floor plans, and quality furnishings.

The rare combination of nature, proximity to the city, spaciousness, and plenty of light—coupled with spaces that offer a sense of freedom—allows AN DER LOHE ² to make your dreams for your home a reality.

A home should be more than just four walls. AN DER LOHE ² is so much more, thanks to its spacious open areas such as balconies and terraces, windows in a variety of sizes, and its green environment. They simply speak for themselves!




Quality that appeals on every level, focusing on the well-being of future residents: in planning, construction and choice of materials. Everything has been designed to harmonize with the surroundings and recreational location of AN DER LOHE ².

Property An der Lohe 2 - Innenansicht 1
Property An der Lohe 2 - Innenansicht 2


Efficient down to the smallest detail. Impressive, fresh, and functional.

The materials and the construction itself are solid, high-quality, and long-lasting. We’ve thought of everything. Typically DEMOS!


Comfort and coziness stand out in all the equipment and furnishings. Every detail of the condo is designed to enrich your life.

Well thought-out and meticulously planned: AN DER LOHE ² creates ambiance. Look forward every single day to feeling that you’re in the right place and that you made absolutely the right decision!

Property An der Lohe 2 - Innenansicht 3



  • Condominiums with up to 4 rooms, and with approx. 29 to 100 m² living space
  • Condominiums with patio, loggia, balcony, or rooftop patio
  • Modern and welcoming architecture with large windows
  • Construction methods compliant with 2016 Energy Saving Ordinance, “KfW 55” efficiency house
  • Energy efficiency category A
  • Underground parking garages with individual parking spaces
  • Step-free access from the underground parking garage to each building
  • Elevator from basement to top floor
  • Furnishings
    • Living spaces with a clear height of approx. 2.6 m (excluding areas with suspended ceilings)
    • Underfloor heating
    • Quality parquet flooring
    • High-quality bathroom furnishings from Villeroy & Boch, Laufen, Keuco, and Hansgrohe, among others
    • Mostly walk-in showers
    • Towel warmers in bathroom and shower
    • Electric external shutters
    • Video intercom system
  • 1- bis 4-Zimmer-Eigentumswohnungen mit Wohnflächen von ca. 29 m² bis ca. 100 m²
  • Eigentumswohnungen mit Terrasse, Loggia, Balkon oder Dachterrasse
  • Moderne und freundliche Architektur mit großzügigen Fensterflächen
  • Bauweise nach EnEV 2016, KfW-Effizienzhaus 55
  • Energieeffizienzklasse A
  • Objekteigene Tiefgaragen mit Einzelstellplätzen
  • Stufenlose Zugänge von der Tiefgarage in jedes Haus
  • Aufzug von Untergeschoss bis Dachgeschoss
  • Ausstattungsdetails
    • Lichte Höhen der Wohnräume von ca. 2,60 m
      (ausgenommen sind Bereiche mit abgehängten Decken)
    • Fußbodenheizung
    • Hochwertiges Parkett
    • Hochwertige Badausstattung, u.a. von Villeroy & Boch, Laufen, Keuco, Hansgrohe
    • Größtenteils bodengleiche Duschen
    • Handtuchheizkörper in Bad und Duschbad
    • Elektrische Raffstores
    • Video-Gegensprechanlage


And one with surprises in store: even though it is the largest district of the city, it is the least densely populated. This means each resident enjoys more space, more nature, and more leisure opportunities.

AN DER LOHE ² will sit right here. Nestled between lakes, fields, and forests, but with the enormous advantage of excellent links to the city by public transport and a well-developed road Network.



Why take long journeys during the best hours of the day? Leisure has become a luxury. With all the work, stress, and hustle and bustle of the big city, we yearn for a place where we can enjoy a better quality of life.



  • Munich’s 22nd district on the western edge of the city
  • Covering around 3,400 hectares, it is the largest district in Munich
  • With 13 inhabitants per hectare, it’s also the least densely populated district
  • Extensive green spaces, forests, and agricultural land to the west and north of the district area



  • One of the most popular local recreation areas in Western Munich
  • Covering 1.8 square kilometers
  • Two ponds: the Little Böhmer Pond and the Great Böhmer Pond
  • In the midst of beautiful nature, woodland, and meadows
  • Located partly within a Bavarian conservation area
  • Two small rivers: the Lohwiesengraben and the Erlbach


Property An der Lohe 2 - surrounding image 1
Property An der Lohe 2 - surrounding image 2
Property An der Lohe 2 - surrounding image 3

Property An der Lohe 2 - section of city map

Property An der Lohe 2 - site plan
Floor plan
House 12
12.0.11 RoomCondominium with Patio / gardenGround floor35.7041.40Sold
12.1.12 RoomCondominium with Balcony1st floor54.6359.23484,000.-Reserved
12.1.22 RoomCondominium with Balcony *1st floor55.2259.78Sold
12.1.32 RoomCondominium with Patio1st floor41.1143.73Sold
12.2.12 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor54.6359.23Sold
12.2.22 RoomCondominium with Balcony *2nd floor57.3864.10Sold
12.2.32 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor50.0454.29445,000.-Reserved
12.3.12 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor54.6359.23Sold
12.3.22 RoomCondominium with Balcony *3rd floor57.3864.10Sold
12.3.32 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor50.0454.29Sold
12.4.12 RoomCondominium with Rooftop patio4th floor60.6970.13Sold
12.4.22 RoomCondominium with Balcony4th floor57.3864.10Sold
12.4.32 RoomCondominium with Balcony4th floor48.7052.95Sold
House 13
13.0.13 RoomCondominium with Patio / garden *Ground floor89.1499.82725,000.-Reserved
13.0.23 RoomCondominium with Patio / gardenGround floor88.2998.97718,000.-Reserved
13.1.13 RoomCondominium with Balcony *1st floor87.6796.39Sold
13.1.23 RoomCondominium with Balcony1st floor86.6795.39719,000.-Available
13.2.13 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor87.6796.39734,000.-Available
13.2.24 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor100.01108.73Sold
13.3.13 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor87.6796.39Sold
13.3.24 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor100.01108.73Sold
House 14
14.0.12 RoomCondominium with Patio / gardenGround floor59.0664.99512,000.-Available
14.0.21 RoomCondominium with Patio / gardenGround floor36.2242.08Sold
14.0.33 RoomCondominium with Patio / garden *Ground floor88.0398.71Sold
14.1.12 RoomCondominium with Balcony1st floor57.7362.33509,000.-Reserved
14.1.21 RoomCondominium with Balcony1st floor35.0039.64Sold
14.1.33 RoomCondominium with Balcony *1st floor86.5695.28708,000.-Available
14.2.13 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor66.8571.45Sold
14.2.21 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor35.0039.64Sold
14.2.33 RoomCondominium with Balcony *2nd floor86.5695.28Sold
14.3.13 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor66.8571.45Sold
14.3.21 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor35.0039.64Sold
14.3.33 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor86.5695.28Sold
House 15
15.0.11 RoomCondominium with Patio / gardenGround floor42.2751.13374,000.-Available
15.1.14 RoomCondominium with Balcony *1st floor87.7294.70Sold
15.1.21 RoomCondominium with Balcony1st floor33.4737.24Sold
15.1.31 RoomCondominium with Balcony1st floor29.4131.43Sold
15.2.14 RoomCondominium with Balcony *2nd floor88.1995.17Sold
15.2.21 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor35.2540.80Sold
15.2.31 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor38.5643.84358,000.-Available
15.3.14 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor87.9694.94Sold
15.3.21 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor35.2540.80Sold
15.3.31 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor38.5643.84363,000.-Reserved
15.4.14 RoomCondominium with Rooftop patio4th floor91.51101.43Sold
15.4.21 RoomCondominium with Balcony4th floor36.2541.80Sold
15.4.31 RoomCondominium with Balcony4th floor38.5643.84Sold
House 16
16.0.12 RoomCondominium with Patio / garden *Ground floor58.0863.94515,000.-Available
16.0.22 RoomCondominium with Patio / gardenGround floor53.3564.03Sold
16.0.33 RoomCondominium with Patio / gardenGround floor89.1997.99Sold
16.1.12 RoomCondominium with Balcony *1st floor56.8661.50509,000.-Available
16.1.22 RoomCondominium with Balcony1st floor51.7360.45Sold
16.1.33 RoomCondominium with Balcony1st floor87.4094.41Sold
16.2.12 RoomCondominium with Balcony *2nd floor56.8661.50Sold
16.2.22 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor51.7360.45Sold
16.2.34 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor96.13103.14Sold
16.3.12 RoomCondominium with Balcony *3rd floor56.8661.50Sold
16.3.22 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor51.7360.45Sold
16.3.34 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor95.76102.77Sold
House 17
17.0.13 RoomCondominium with Patio / gardenGround floor86.5897.22Sold
17.0.23 RoomCondominium with Patio / garden *Ground floor87.7898.46Sold
17.1.13 RoomCondominium with Balcony1st floor84.9593.64Sold
17.1.23 RoomCondominium with Balcony *1st floor86.1694.88702,000.-Available
17.2.14 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor96.84105.53Sold
17.2.23 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor86.1694.88Sold
17.3.14 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor96.84105.53Sold
17.3.23 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor86.1694.88Sold
House 18
18.1.13 RoomCondominium with Balcony *1st floor72.7479.75Sold
18.1.23 RoomCondominium with Balcony1st floor70.5076.14Sold
18.2.13 RoomCondominium with Balcony *2nd floor72.7479.75Sold
18.2.23 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor70.5076.14Sold
18.3.13 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor72.7479.75Sold
18.3.23 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor70.5076.14Sold
House 19
19.0.13 RoomCondominium with Patio / gardenGround floor79.6188.47Sold
19.0.23 RoomCondominium with Patio / gardenGround floor71.4880.34Sold
19.1.13 RoomCondominium with Balcony1st floor77.7684.77628,000.-Available
19.1.23 RoomCondominium with Balcony1st floor69.6076.61574,000.-Reserved
19.2.13 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor77.7684.77636,000.-Reserved
19.2.23 RoomCondominium with Balcony *2nd floor78.1885.19Sold
19.3.13 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor77.7684.77Sold
19.3.23 RoomCondominium with Balcony *3rd floor78.5185.52Sold
House 20
20.0.11 RoomCondominium with Patio / gardenGround floor36.5943.66322,000.-Available
20.0.22 RoomCondominium with Patio / gardenGround floor51.8359.10454,000.-Available
20.0.32 RoomCondominium with Patio / gardenGround floor53.5460.57Sold
20.1.11 RoomCondominium with Balcony1st floor35.1240.72Sold
20.1.22 RoomCondominium with Balcony1st floor50.3256.08448,000.-Available
20.1.32 RoomCondominium with Balcony1st floor52.0757.63469,000.-Reserved
20.2.12 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor46.1851.78Sold
20.2.22 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor50.3256.08Sold
20.2.32 RoomCondominium with Balcony *2nd floor54.8060.36489,000.-Available
20.3.12 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor46.1851.78Sold
20.3.22 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor50.3256.08458,000.-Reserved
20.3.32 RoomCondominium with Balcony *3rd floor55.1360.69496,000.-Reserved
20.4.12 RoomCondominium with Balcony4th floor46.1851.78Sold
20.4.22 RoomCondominium with Balcony4th floor50.3256.08464,000.-Reserved
20.4.32 RoomCondominium with Rooftop patio *4th floor59.2769.19Sold
House 12
12.0.2Separate basement roomBasement0.006.71Sold
House 17
17.0.3Separate basement roomBasement0.0010.12Sold
17.0.4Separate basement roomBasement0.0011.6213,000.-Reserved
House 18
18.0.1Separate basement roomBasement0.0010.55Sold
Number of Condominiums: 95
Number of separate basement rooms: 4


* Article 48 of the Bavarian Building Code prohibits any change to this condominium's floor plan.


The purchaser of each condominium must also acquire a parking space in the underground garage from the following options (regarding the availability, the location and the exact technical specifications of the parking systems of the underground parking spaces, please contact your contact person on behalf of DEMOS Wohnbau GmbH in the section "Contact"):


  • Own parking space No. 1, 2, 7, 8, 12, 17, 18, 27, 29, 32, 37, 39, 48, 49, 55, 56, 60, 63, 65, 66, 69, 74, 77, 80, 85, 87 approx. 2.51 m wide, EUR 28,900
  • Own parking space No. 4 - 6, 9 - 11, 13, 14, 16, 19 - 26, 28, 31, 35, 36, 40 - 44, 52 - 54, 57 - 59, 61, 62, 64, 67, 68, 71 - 73, 76, 79, 83, 84, 88 - 92 approx. 2.51 m wide, EUR 29,900
  • Own parking space No. 93, 94 approx. 2.72 m wide, EUR 28,900
  • Own parking space No. 15, 45, 46, 81 approx. 2.72 m wide, EUR 30,900
  • Own parking space No. 3, 51, approx. 2.75 m wide, EUR 31,900
  • Own parking space No. 70 approx. 2.97 m wide, EUR 32,900
  • Own parking space No. 47 approx. 3.00 m wide, EUR 32,900
  • Own parking space No. 33, 95 approx. 3.02 m wide, EUR 32,900
  • Own parking space No. 30, 78 approx. 3.16 m wide, EUR 33,900
  • Own parking space No. 82 approx. 3.20 m wide, EUR 33,900
  • Own parking space No. 50 approx. 3.22 m wide, EUR 33,900
  • Own parking space No. 75 approx. 3.48 m wide, EUR 35,900
  • Own parking space No. 34 approx. 3.50 m wide, EUR 35,900
  • Own parking space No. 38, 86 approx. 3.90 m wide, EUR 36,900
  • Motorcycle parking space No. 96 for EUR 19,900
  • Motorcycle parking space No. 97 for EUR 17,900


Preliminary figures in accordance with Article 16 of the Energy Saving Ordinance:


  • Energy pass classification: Energy performance certificate – Preview
    (Note: all of the following figures are based on the energy performance certificate – preview)
  • Final energy requirement: 45.8 kWh / (m²a), (when a project includes multiple buildings, the highest value throughout the complex is indicated)
  • Primary energy source for heating and hot water: solid biomass (wood pellets)
  • Year of construction: 2020 (Note: New building, first occupancy)
  • Energy efficiency category: A



by arrangement


Your sales advisors, on behalf of DEMOS Wohnbau GmbH, are available to you in our showroom for a personal consultation appointment.

Our showroom is located at Federseestraße 8 in 81249 Munich - Lochhausen.


Mr. Adam Zistl
Phone +49 176-60 00 00 01
Mrs. Kefrin Zoric
Phone +49 175-931 73 51
Mr. Christian Hartmann
Phone +49 173-356 00 24


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