Property Munich: Irma-Uhrbach-Carré

The "Irma-Uhrbach-Carré" project is located in an established neighborhood with very good infrastructure between Irma-Uhrbach-Straße, Ludwig-Erhard-Allee, and Maximilian-Kolbe-Allee.

  • 1- to 4-room condominiums
  • Living spaces of between approx. 33 m² and 120 m²
  • Condominiums with a patio, loggia, or rooftop patio
  • Construction methods compliant with the 2016 Energy Saving Ordinance. Energy efficiency category A
  • Underground parking garage with multiple-car spaces
  • Step-free entrances to every building from the ground floor and from the underground parking garage
  • Elevators from basement to top floor
  • Furnishings: Underfloor heating, parquet flooring, brand-name-tiling from renowned manufacturers such as Villeroy & Boch, towel warmers in bath and shower, video intercom system
  • Established neighborhood with good infrastructure



When looking for the perfect home, it's important to accept as few compromises as possible. So from here you can quickly reach the city or Perlachpark, and your own four walls contain everything you need for living in a premium home that will maintain its value over time.


  • Neuperlach Süd subway and commuter train station: station for the U5 and S7, and bus stop for several lines
  • Numerous shopping options such as Neuperlach – PEP Shopping Center
  • Physicians, pharmacies, and hospitals, such as the Klinikum Neuperlach
  • Lots of recreational options, such as nearby Perlachpark
  • Several companies are located here, e.g. R&D and IT centers for Siemens AG, headquarters of Wacker Chemie, headquarters of BSH Bosch and Siemens Hausgeräte, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty, Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bayern Süd


It unifies a high standard of living and quality of life, modern architecture and premium equipment and furnishings with a green environment, tranquility and seamless infrastructure.

The secret has long been out: Perlach-Süd is much more than a just a Munich neighborhood. It's more of a small city of its own near the big city. You'll find that the "Irma-Uhrbach-Carré" has more than just shopping to offer; it has everything the heart desires. You live in an exceptionally modern home both architecturally and in terms of technical features; an elevator takes you conveniently to every level in the building.

But that's not nearly enough: The patios, loggias, and rooftop patios are laid out to ensure privacy. Many condominiums face south or west, making sure that sun worshipers and those who love cozy sunsets after work get all they could wish for.

Pride in your newly purchased residential property will extend down to the finest detail. You’ll take pleasure in your condominium in its entirety and you'll never tire of the thrill of discovering little details day after day.


  • Condominiums with a patio, loggia, or rooftop patio
  • Underground parking garage with multiple-car spaces
  • Step-free entrances to every building from the ground floor and from the underground parking garage
  • Elevators from basement to top floor
  • Furnishings
    • Underfloor heating
    • Parquet flooring
    • Brand-name-tiling from renowned manufacturers such as Villeroy & Boch
    • Towel warmers in bath and shower
    • Video intercom system


Floor plan
Haus 1
1012,5 Roomswith Patio / gardenGround floor63.5069.63Sold
1024 Roomswith Patio and loggiaGround floor97.40108.85Sold
1114 Roomswith Loggia1st floor83.8590.64Sold
1124 Roomswith 2 loggias1st floor95.04106.08Sold
1214 Roomswith Loggia2nd floor84.2291.01Sold
1224 Roomswith 2 loggias2nd floor95.04106.08Sold
1314 Roomswith Loggia3rd floor84.2291.01Sold
1324 Roomswith 2 loggias3rd floor95.04106.08Sold
1414 Roomswith Loggia4th floor84.2291.01Sold
1424 Roomswith 2 loggias4th floor95.04106.08Sold
1513,5 Roomswith 2 rooftop patios5th floor119.68199.06Sold
Haus 2
2012 Roomswith Patio / gardenGround floor48.1951.72Sold
2022 Roomswith PatioGround floor49.3953.19Sold
2034 Roomswith Patio and loggiaGround floor102.27115.57Sold
2112 Roomswith Loggia1st floor53.3256.37Sold
2124 Roomswith Loggia1st floor92.6495.94Sold
2133 Roomswith 2 loggias1st floor95.13108.93Sold
2212 Roomswith Loggia2nd floor53.3256.37Sold
2224 Roomswith Loggia2nd floor92.6495.94Sold
2233 Roomswith 2 loggias2nd floor95.41109.21Sold
2313 Roomswith 2 loggias3rd floor73.1777.89Sold
2321 Roomswith Loggia3rd floor33.7435.98Sold
2331 Roomswith Loggia3rd floor33.8136.05Sold
2343 Roomswith 2 loggias3rd floor95.41109.21Sold
2413 Roomswith 2 loggias4th floor73.1777.89Sold
2421 Roomswith Loggia4th floor33.7435.98Sold
2431 Roomswith Loggia4th floor33.8136.05Sold
2443 Roomswith 2 loggias4th floor95.41109.21Sold
2513 Roomswith 2 rooftop patios5th floor84.35114.80Sold
2524 Roomswith 2 rooftop patios5th floor102.59139.46Sold
Haus 3
3012 Roomswith Patio / gardenGround floor54.1957.54Sold
3022 Roomswith PatioGround floor56.9560.74Sold
3032 Roomswith PatioGround floor56.9560.74Sold
3042 Roomswith Patio / gardenGround floor46.9350.46Sold
3112 Roomswith Loggia1st floor53.8956.94Sold
3122 Roomswith Loggia1st floor56.4659.76Sold
3132 Roomswith Loggia1st floor56.4659.76Sold
3142 Roomswith Loggia1st floor53.9857.03Sold
3212 Roomswith Loggia2nd floor53.5456.59Sold
3222 Roomswith Loggia2nd floor56.4659.76Sold
3232 Roomswith Loggia2nd floor56.4659.76Sold
3242 Roomswith Loggia2nd floor53.6256.67Sold
3313 Roomswith 2 loggias3rd floor72.9277.64Sold
3321 Roomswith Loggia3rd floor33.7035.94Sold
3331 Roomswith Loggia3rd floor33.7035.94Sold
3343 Roomswith 2 loggias3rd floor73.2777.99Sold
3413 Roomswith 2 loggias4th floor72.9277.64Sold
3421 Roomswith Loggia4th floor33.7035.94Sold
3431 Roomswith Loggia4th floor33.7035.94Sold
3443 Roomswith 2 loggias4th floor73.2777.99Sold
3513 Roomswith 2 rooftop patios5th floor84.33114.72Sold
3523 Roomswith 2 rooftop patios5th floor84.96115.35Sold
Haus 4
4013 Roomswith PatioGround floor83.7488.05Sold
4022 Roomswith Patio / gardenGround floor59.2971.48Sold
4031 Roomswith PatioGround floor33.3437.34Sold
4043 Roomswith 2 patios / gardenGround floor79.0286.16Sold
4113 Roomswith Loggia1st floor83.2587.00Sold
4122 Roomswith Loggia1st floor53.9760.84Sold
4132 Roomswith Loggia1st floor46.6350.09Sold
4142 Roomswith Loggia1st floor56.4759.77Sold
4152 Roomswith Loggia1st floor54.2357.28Sold
4213 Roomswith Loggia2nd floor83.2587.00Sold
4222 Roomswith Loggia2nd floor53.9760.84Sold
4232 Roomswith Loggia2nd floor46.6350.09Sold
4242 Roomswith Loggia2nd floor56.4759.77Sold
4252 Roomswith Loggia2nd floor53.8856.93Sold
4313 Roomswith Loggia3rd floor83.2587.00Sold
4322 Roomswith Loggia3rd floor57.4167.72Sold
4331,5 Roomswith Loggia3rd floor40.4842.72Sold
4341 Roomswith Loggia3rd floor33.1235.36Sold
4353 Roomswith 2 loggias3rd floor73.2677.98Sold
4413 Roomswith Loggia4th floor83.2587.00Sold
4422 Roomswith Loggia4th floor57.1267.43Sold
4431,5 Roomswith Loggia4th floor40.4842.72Sold
4441 Roomswith Loggia4th floor33.1235.36Sold
4453 Roomswith 2 loggias4th floor73.2677.98Sold
4513 Roomswith 2 rooftop patios5th floor81.97105.10Sold
4522 Roomswith Rooftop patio5th floor58.5187.28Sold
4533 Roomswith 2 rooftop patios5th floor85.05115.32Sold
Haus 5
5422 Roomswith Loggia4th floor53.2656.09Sold
5434 Roomswith Loggia4th floor104.82108.57Sold
5512 Roomswith Rooftop patio5th floor75.72137.52Sold
5523 Roomswith 2 rooftop patios5th floor88.90122.08Sold
Number ofCondominiums: 83
For each condominium, the purchaser must also acquire a parking space in the underground garage from the following offering: (Please contact the salesperson listed under "Contact" for information about the availability, location and exact technical specifications of the underground garage parking spaces, as well as the type of parking system, maximum vehicle height, width and length and permitted capacity of the space.)
  • Underground parking garage multilevel parker, top, set height of approx. 1.75 m for EUR 28,900
  • Underground garage multilevel parker, middle, set height of approx. 2.05 m for EUR 32,900
  • Underground parking garage multilevel parker, bottom, set height of approx. 1.75 m for EUR 28,900
  • Underground garage two-car parker no. 218, top, set height of approx. 1.80 m for EUR 29,900
  • Underground garage two-car parker, no. 219, bottom, set height of approx. 1.80 m for EUR 29,900
  • Underground garage multilevel parker (6.61, 6.63, 6.64 and 6.66) with charging station for emobility, 3.6 kW, set height of approx. 1.75 m for EUR 43,900
  • Underground garage multilevel parker (6.62 and 6.65) with charging station for emobility, 3.6 kW, set height of approx. 1.75 m for EUR 47,900
* Article 48 of the Bavarian Building Code prohibits any change to this condominium's floor plan.
Preliminary figures in accordance with Article 16 of the Energy Saving Ordinance:
  • Energy pass classification: energy performance certificate – preview (Note: all of the following figures are based on the energy performance certificate – preview)
  • Final energy demand: 45.4 kWh / (m²a)
  • Primary energy source for heating and hot water: SWM district heating, fp = 0.11
  • Year of construction, building: 2017, year of construction of, heat source: 2018 (Note: New building, first occupancy)
  • Energy efficiency category: A


For further information and a consultation, please call to make an appointment
at the property on Irma-Uhrbach-Straße:

Mr. Christof Kopp
Phone: 0049 89/231 73 - 378
Cell: 0049 171-353 61 50

Ms. Claudia Nagy
Phone: 0049 89/231 73 - 379
Cell: 0049 162-282 61 59

Mr. Erhard Enderle
Phone: 0049 89/231 73 – 313
Cell: 0049 179-29 22 601


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“Irma-Uhrbach-Carré” in Munich’s Perlach Süd district: Structural work completed