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In Munich-Perlach, adjacent to the garden city of Trudering and the Trudering Forest, the ALEXISQUARTIER has been growing for several years. A new residential quarter with condominiums and terraced houses as well as its own infrastructure with parking areas, shopping facilities, neighbourhood promenade and childcare facilities.


The "ALEXISQUARTIER - Parkside" ensemble attracts attention. It is located directly at the new neighbourhood park and combines two different, contrasting building forms: The high point offers fascinating views - over the city and into the foothills of the Alps. On the ground floor, a restaurant offers further amenities. In the second building, in addition to the condominiums, there is also a day-care centre and a large communal roof garden. Both parts of the ensemble are characterised by modern contemporary architecture with open, airy facades.


High-quality condominiums will be built in the 3 houses of the two "Parkside" buildings. Individuality is a top priority: Because each flat has its own charm. You can look forward to modern 1- to 4-room flats with different layouts, most of them with balcony, loggia or roof terrace.




  • 1- to 4-room condominiums
  • Living spaces from approx. 26 m² to approx. 127 m²
  • Most with balcony, loggia or roof terrace
  • Underground garage with individual parking spaces
  • High-quality brand-name furnishings with a choice of options
  • Communal roof garden
  • Construction method according to Building Energy Act 2020
  • Energy efficiency class A
  • KfW efficiency house 55
  • Located directly at the Quartierspark
  • Own infrastructure in the neighbourhood with day-care centres and shops for daily needs
  • Adjacent to the garden city of Trudering and the Trudering Forest
  • Numerous attractive employers in the immediate vicinity




Construction progress: Sales launch


A building that catches the eye: The high point of the ensemble provides the residents on the residents on the upper floors a fascinating backdrop. Their view sweeps either over the city or deep into the or deep into the foothills of the Alps - all the way to the mountains. A living room" and a restaurant bring a city restaurant bring city flair to the daily living experience.


Property Alexisquartier - Parkside - Projektdetailillustration 1
Property Alexisquartier - Parkside - Projektdetailillustration 2


An exciting architectural duo: both parts of the building are designed independently, and yet their affiliation is clearly recognisable through their dynamically accentuated architectural language. The façades with their balustrades and design elements made of glass create visual lightness - the living feeling and the green surroundings form an inviting connection.


In keeping with the spirit of the ALEXISQUARTERS, the "Parkside" convinces with good ideas and expressive architecture: here, design character meets well thought-out everyday ideas, for example an integrated daycare centre or a community roof garden. Added to this is the attractive location directly on the neighbourhood park, which builds a bridge to the Trudering Forest. Who would have thought that urban living could be so modern-urban and close to nature-recreational at the same time?




"Parkside" sets the tone for urban living in many respects. This also includes the fact that we offer you a wide variety of flat types and sizes in the ensemble. In this way, every life model and every stage of life will find a home that fulfils their respective wishes. What all the flats in "Parkside" have in common are the sensibly implemented floor plans, an atmospheric sense of space and the high-quality fittings. Not to forget: the extraordinary room heights of up to approx. 3.50 metres, which create a pleasantly airy ambience.

Property Alexisquartier - Parkside - Projektdetailillustration 3
Property Alexisquartier - Parkside - Projektdetailillustration 4


Your property in "Parkside" is the perfect basis for a living setting entirely to your taste. You decide how high you want to go - up to the elegant roof terrace flat -, in which direction the flat should be oriented and how much space it can offer you. The purchase is followed by sampling: choose the furnishing line and optional extras. In this way, an inspiring home will find its way to you that fully meets your wishes.



The high point of the ensemble in particular offers surprising spatial impressions: The dynamics of its architecture continues in the interior. Here, some walls leave the usual rectangularity, play with perspectives and create spaces that make an impression. rooms that make an impression. Open living concepts allow for exciting, wide visual axes and make it possible for a lot of daylight is distributed throughout the entire flat.

Property Alexisquartier - Parkside - Projektdetailillustration 5


  • 1- to 4-room condominiums
  • Living spaces from approx. 26 m² to approx. 127m²
  • Most with balcony, loggia or roof terrace
  • Modern architecture, varied floor plans
  • Underground garage with individual parking spaces
  • Direct access from the underground car park to each house
  • Lifts from the basement to the top full storey
  • Requirements according to the Building Energy Act 2020 fulfilled
  • Energy efficiency class A
  • KfW Efficiency House 55
  • Heating system: district heating
  • Equipment details
    • Parquet flooring in all living areas
    • Underfloor heating
    • Video intercom system
    • Electric Venetian blinds
    • Decentralised ventilation system with heat recovery
    • Clear room height up to approx. 3.50 m
    • Towel radiator in bathroom and shower room
    • Upmarket standard fittings with options in the bathrooms, e.g.
      • Washbasin / WC from Laufen
      • Tiles (floor and wall) from Villeroy & Boch
      • Fittings from Hansgrohe


In Munich's south-east, we are developing the ALEXISQUARTIER, a complete residential quarter that more than meets today's demands. Because it is not only the contemporary, modern architecture that makes attractive living possible here. It is also the perfect mix of everyday life and high recreational value.

The location is made for this: On the one hand, the proximity to nature, on the other hand, the quick and uncomplicated way to our Bavarian metropolis. And if you want to see lush meadows and majestic Alps not only on postcards, you can get from here to where others go on holiday in no time at all.


Being a city dweller and still knowing what nature feels like. Not many places manage this balancing act. The ALEXISQUARTIER fulfils both of these longings. Directly nearby are two oases of peace and relaxation: the Trudering Forest and the Ostpark. And just a short drive later you are at Lake Tegernsee, Lake Starnberg or in the lush green Tölzer Land with its impressive view of the Alps.

But there's also plenty to do for art and culture, for shopping or simply for a night out in the urban jungle! Whether by public transport, by car or even sportily by bike, the heart of Munich is easy to reach. So you see - all around a location that not only promises, but also delivers what you want.



The Surroundings at a glance:

Neuperlach Zentrum underground station:
Stop of the U5 and several bus lines

Numerous shopping facilities:
e.g. Neuperlach shopping centre - pep

Many leisure facilities:
e.g. in the nearby Truderinger Wald, Perlacher Forst, Ostpark, Perlachpark and in the beautiful Tölzer Land

Location of companies: 
e.g. Siemens AG, University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich, Infineon Technologies AG Neubiberg

Planning / construction of a new district centre with social and cultural facilities as well as retail trade


condominiums Alexisquartier - Parkside - city map 1
Property Alexisquartier - Parkside - surrounding image 2
Property Alexisquartier - Parkside - surrounding image 3

Property Alexisquartier - Parkside - section of city map 1

Immobilie Alexisquartier - Parkside - city map 2
Immobilie Alexisquartier - Parkside - site plan 1
Immobilie Alexisquartier - Parkside - site plan 2
Floor plan
House 1
1.1.33 RoomCondominium with Balcony1st floor93.75114.93850,000.-Available
1.2.33 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor94.10115.28872,000.-Available
1.3.33 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor94.10115.28881,000.-Available
1.3.42 RoomCondominium with Balcony *3rd floor57.3163.03571,000.-Available
1.3.52 RoomCondominium with Balcony *3rd floor57.4563.30581,000.-Available
1.3.62 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor56.8161.23576,000.-Available
1.4.11,5 RoomCondominium with Balcony4th floor44.1948.62450,000.-Available
1.4.23 RoomCondominium with Balcony4th floor82.5197.12764,000.-Available
1.4.33 RoomCondominium with Balcony4th floor94.10115.28Reserved 
1.4.42 RoomCondominium with Balcony *4th floor57.3163.03Reserved 
1.4.52 RoomCondominium with Balcony *4th floor57.4563.30590,000.-Available
1.4.61 RoomCondominium with Balcony4th floor36.3439.14393,000.-Available
1.4.74 RoomCondominium with Balcony4th floor112.38131.821,051,000.-Available
1.4.83 RoomCondominium with Balcony4th floor95.18114.94846,000.-Available
1.4.91 RoomCondominium with Balcony4th floor33.6537.00335,000.-Available
1.5.11,5 RoomCondominium with Balcony5th floor44.3848.81454,000.-Available
1.5.23 RoomCondominium with Balcony5th floor82.5197.12Reserved 
1.5.33 RoomCondominium with Balcony5th floor94.10115.28835,000.-Available
1.5.42 RoomCondominium with Balcony *5th floor57.3163.03593,000.-Available
1.5.52 RoomCondominium with Balcony *5th floor57.4563.30Reserved 
1.5.61 RoomCondominium with Balcony5th floor36.9339.73407,000.-Available
1.5.74 RoomCondominium with Balcony5th floor112.97132.411,070,000.-Available
1.5.83 RoomCondominium with Balcony5th floor95.89115.65861,000.-Available
1.5.91 RoomCondominium with Balcony5th floor33.6537.00342,000.-Available
1.6.11,5 RoomCondominium with Balcony6th floor44.3848.81464,000.-Available
1.6.23 RoomCondominium with Balcony6th floor82.5197.12783,000.-Available
1.6.33 RoomCondominium with Balcony6th floor94.10115.28863,000.-Available
1.6.42 RoomCondominium with Balcony *6th floor57.3163.03Reserved 
1.6.52 RoomCondominium with Balcony *6th floor57.4563.30610,000.-Available
1.6.61 RoomCondominium with Balcony6th floor36.9339.73417,000.-Available
1.6.74 RoomCondominium with Balcony6th floor112.97132.41Reserved 
1.6.83 RoomCondominium with Balcony6th floor95.89115.65Reserved 
1.6.91 RoomCondominium with Balcony6th floor33.6537.00351,000.-Available
1.7.11,5 RoomCondominium with Balcony7. OG44.3848.81516,000.-Available
1.7.23 RoomCondominium with Balcony7. OG82.5197.12808,000.-Available
1.7.33 RoomCondominium with Balcony7. OG94.10115.28Reserved 
1.7.42 RoomCondominium with Balcony *7. OG57.3163.03Reserved 
1.7.52 RoomCondominium with Balcony *7. OG57.4563.30628,000.-Available
1.7.61 RoomCondominium with Balcony7. OG36.9339.73428,000.-Available
1.7.74 RoomCondominium with Balcony7. OG112.97132.411,168,000.-Available
1.7.83 RoomCondominium with Balcony7. OG95.89115.65889,000.-Available
1.7.91 RoomCondominium with Balcony7. OG33.6537.00361,000.-Available
1.8.11,5 RoomCondominium with Balcony8. OG44.3848.81525,000.-Available
1.8.23 RoomCondominium with Balcony8. OG82.5197.12Reserved 
1.8.33 RoomCondominium with Balcony8. OG94.10115.28909,000.-Available
1.8.42 RoomCondominium with Balcony *8. OG57.3163.03Reserved 
1.8.52 RoomCondominium with Balcony *8. OG57.4563.30639,000.-Available
1.8.61 RoomCondominium with Balcony8. OG36.9339.73436,000.-Available
1.8.74 RoomCondominium with Balcony8. OG112.97132.411,197,000.-Available
1.8.83 RoomCondominium with Balcony8. OG95.89115.65915,000.-Available
1.8.91 RoomCondominium with Balcony8. OG33.6537.00368,000.-Available
1.9.11,5 RoomCondominium with Balcony9. OG44.3848.81541,000.-Available
1.9.23 RoomCondominium with Balcony9. OG82.5197.12837,000.-Available
1.9.33 RoomCondominium with Balcony9. OG94.10115.28936,000.-Available
1.9.42 RoomCondominium with Balcony *9. OG57.3163.03654,000.-Available
1.9.52 RoomCondominium with Balcony *9. OG57.4563.30Reserved 
1.9.61 RoomCondominium with Balcony9. OG36.9339.73447,000.-Available
1.9.74 RoomCondominium with Balcony9. OG112.97132.411,226,000.-Available
1.9.83 RoomCondominium with Balcony9. OG95.89115.65Reserved 
1.9.91 RoomCondominium with Balcony9. OG33.6537.00378,000.-Available
1.10.11,5 RoomCondominium with Balcony10. OG44.3848.81554,000.-Available
1.10.23 RoomCondominium with Balcony10. OG82.5197.12874,000.-Available
1.10.33 RoomCondominium with Balcony10. OG94.10115.28Reserved 
1.10.42 RoomCondominium with Balcony *10. OG57.3163.03670,000.-Available
1.10.52 RoomCondominium with Balcony *10. OG57.4563.30Reserved 
1.10.61 RoomCondominium with Balcony10. OG36.9339.73457,000.-Available
1.10.74 RoomCondominium with Balcony10. OG112.97132.411,255,000.-Available
1.10.83 RoomCondominium with Balcony10. OG95.89115.65954,000.-Available
1.10.91 RoomCondominium with Balcony10. OG33.6537.00388,000.-Available
1.11.11,5 RoomCondominium with Balcony11. OG44.3848.81566,000.-Available
1.11.23 RoomCondominium with Balcony11. OG82.5197.12895,000.-Available
1.11.33 RoomCondominium with Balcony11. OG94.10115.28991,000.-Available
1.11.42 RoomCondominium with Balcony *11. OG57.3163.03687,000.-Available
1.11.52 RoomCondominium with Balcony *11. OG57.4563.30Reserved 
1.11.61 RoomCondominium with Balcony11. OG36.9339.73468,000.-Available
1.11.74 RoomCondominium11. OG112.97132.411,284,000.-Available
1.11.83 RoomCondominium with Balcony11. OG95.89115.65Reserved 
1.11.91 RoomCondominium with Balcony11. OG33.6537.00398,000.-Available
1.12.11,5 RoomCondominium with Balcony12. OG44.3848.81580,000.-Available
1.12.23 RoomCondominium with Balcony12. OG82.5197.12915,000.-Available
1.12.33 RoomCondominium with Balcony12. OG94.10115.281,018,000.-Available
1.12.42 RoomCondominium with Balcony *12. OG57.3163.03703,000.-Available
1.12.52 RoomCondominium with Balcony *12. OG57.4563.30Reserved 
1.12.61 RoomCondominium with Balcony12. OG36.9339.73Reserved 
1.12.74 RoomCondominium with Balcony12. OG112.97132.411,323,000.-Available
1.12.83 RoomCondominium with Balcony12. OG95.18114.941,031,000.-Available
1.12.91 RoomCondominium with Balcony12. OG33.6537.00408,000.-Available
1.13.14 RoomCondominium with Balcony13. OG127.42148.031,428,000.-Available
1.13.23 RoomCondominium with Balcony13. OG94.10115.281,055,000.-Available
1.13.32 RoomCondominium with Balcony *13. OG57.3163.03739,000.-Available
1.13.42 RoomCondominium with Balcony *13. OG57.4563.30741,000.-Available
1.13.51 RoomCondominium with Balcony13. OG36.9339.73481,000.-Available
1.13.63 RoomCondominium with Balcony13. OG119.74139.181,391,000.-Available
1.13.74 RoomCondominium with Balcony13. OG123.52147.83Reserved 
1.14.14 RoomCondominium with Balcony14. OG127.42148.031,465,000.-Available
1.14.23 RoomCondominium with Balcony14. OG94.10115.281,168,000.-Available
1.14.32 RoomCondominium with Balcony *14. OG57.3163.03761,000.-Available
1.14.42 RoomCondominium with Balcony *14. OG57.4563.30Reserved 
1.14.51 RoomCondominium with Balcony14. OG36.9339.73504,000.-Available
1.14.63 RoomCondominium with Balcony14. OG119.74139.18Reserved 
1.14.74 RoomCondominium with Balcony14. OG123.52147.83Reserved 
House 2
2.1.13 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor76.0179.21662,000.-Available
2.1.23 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor84.3787.41710,000.-Available
2.2.13 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor75.3878.74667,000.-Available
2.2.22 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor52.6557.64528,000.-Available
2.2.34 RoomCondominium with Balcony *2nd floor105.83116.58960,000.-Available
2.2.42 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor47.7752.94508,000.-Available
2.2.53 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor84.7088.18764,000.-Available
2.2.61 RoomCondominium *2nd floor37.7037.70407,000.-Available
2.3.13 RoomCondominium3rd floor78.0081.36696,000.-Available
2.3.22 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor52.3957.38534,000.-Available
2.3.34 RoomCondominium with Balcony *3rd floor105.83116.58970,000.-Available
2.3.42 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor47.7752.94512,000.-Available
2.3.53 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor84.7088.18774,000.-Available
2.3.61 RoomCondominium *3rd floor37.7037.70414,000.-Available
2.4.13 RoomCondominium with Loggia4th floor78.0081.36710,000.-Available
2.4.23 RoomCondominium with Rooftop patio4th floor107.13143.761,287,000.-Available
2.4.33 RoomCondominium with Rooftop patio *4th floor92.84122.161,119,000.-Available
2.4.43 RoomCondominium with Loggia4th floor84.7088.18783,000.-Available
2.4.51 RoomCondominium4th floor37.7037.70423,000.-Available
House 3
3.1.11 RoomCondominium1st floor25.9325.93Reserved 
3.1.24 RoomCondominium with Balcony *1st floor109.23113.551,064,000.-Available
3.2.11 RoomCondominium2nd floor32.7732.77358,000.-Available
3.2.22 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor45.1047.92472,000.-Available
3.2.31 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor33.0935.86351,000.-Available
3.2.41 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor33.0735.83Reserved 
3.2.53 RoomCondominium with Balcony *2nd floor83.5391.84819,000.-Available
3.2.64 RoomCondominium with Balcony *2nd floor114.55119.981,070,000.-Available
3.3.11 RoomCondominium3rd floor32.7732.77364,000.-Available
3.3.22 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor47.9150.90504,000.-Available
3.3.31 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor33.0935.86Reserved 
3.3.41 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor33.0735.83355,000.-Available
3.3.53 RoomCondominium with Balcony *3rd floor83.5391.84829,000.-Available
3.3.64 RoomCondominium with Balcony *3rd floor114.55119.981,119,000.-Available
3.4.11 RoomCondominium4th floor32.7732.77374,000.-Available
3.4.22 RoomCondominium with Loggia4th floor47.9150.90509,000.-Available
3.4.33 RoomCondominium with Rooftop patio4th floor98.06126.171,177,000.-Available
3.4.44 RoomCondominium with Balcony *4th floor115.30129.991,197,000.-Available
Number of Condominiums: 138

* Article 48 of the Bavarian Building Code prohibits any change to this condominium’s floor plan.


The purchaser of each condominium must also acquire a parking space in the underground garage from the following options (regarding the availability, the location and the exact technical specifications of the underground parking spaces, please contact your contact person on behalf of DEMOS Wohnbau GmbH in the section "Contact"):


  • Own parking space; approx. 2,50 m wide; from EUR 33,900
  • Own parking space; approx. 2,60 m wide; EUR 34,500
  • Own parking space; approx. 2,80 m wide; EUR 35,500
  • Own parking space; approx. 3,00 m wide; EUR 36,500
  • Own parking space; approx. 3,50 m wide; EUR 38,500
  • Own parking space; approx. 3,80 m wide; EUR 40,000


Preliminary figures in accordance with Article 79 of the Building Energy Law from 2020-08-08:


  • Energy pass classification: Energy performance certificate – Preview
  • Final energy requirement: 45,5 kWh / (m²*a)
  • Primary energy source for heating and hot water: District heating from SWM (Munich’s public utility Company)
  • Year of construction: 2022
  • Energy efficiency category: A




by arrangement


The entrance to the ALEXISQUARTIER is located between the Mercure Hotel and the SWM district heating station (Karl-Marx-Ring 91)
and is signposted from the intersection Ständlerstraße / Karl-Marx-Ring.


Personal consultation on behalf of DEMOS Wohnbau GmbH
in our showroom or in our show apartment by arrangement:

Phone  089 / 231 73 200


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