Munich as a great place to live: The district of Lochhausen

The metropolis of Munich has a lot to offer, but there's also plenty to discover and experience in the neighborhoods and communities around Munich's city center. As part of our "Munich as a Great Place to Live" series, we show you different things to do in your time off, whether they be part of nature, culture, sports, or entertainment. This month we present you with recreational highlights to be found in the district of Lochhausen.



There are several pleasant cafés and inviting restaurants in and around Lochhausen. Hofreiter BeerenCafé is particularly worth a visit. Here visitors are invited to try the café's tasty treats. The menu includes cake, ice cream and salads, all of which go well with a cup of coffee or a cold beverage under the open skies. Berry picking at the Hofreiter grounds is an exciting event to take part in during the season: fresh strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, currants and blueberries are there for the taking. Waldwirtschaft Bienenheim offers traditional Bavarian cuisine with a Mediterranean and Austrian touch. There are a number of delicious and unique dishes to be tried. The restaurant’s beer garden is the perfect place to enjoy the natural surroundings of the Aubinger Lohe.

Highlights: The Hofreiter BeerenCafé’s corn maze gives visitors of all ages the chance to try their hand at some tricky riddles and win excellent prizes.


Built in the 14th century, St. Michael’s Church is just one of Lochhausen’s interesting attractions. It has since undergone several renovations. The church painters Karl Eixenberger and T. Anton Petri uncovered the original altarpiece and chancel stucco back in the ’70s, and their own contributions to the imagery are truly a sight to see. Blutenburg Castle is nestled in Obermenzing, among the Würm river and many age-old trees. Once inhabited by Duke Albrecht III and his wife, as well as Baron Anton von Berchem, it has housed the International Youth Library since 1983, where around 500,000 books in over 100 languages are kept.

Highlights: Those interested in historically significant sites in the district of Aubing-Lochhausen-Langwied shouldn’t miss out on the KulturGeschichtsPfad trail. With a stroll through Aubing and a number of different cycling paths to choose from, it’s a wonderful way to discover the nooks and crannies of the district.


If a walk through the Aubinger Lohe isn’t fast-paced enough for you, you may want to check out the local parcours. With eight different pieces of exercise equipment and three levels of difficulty, fitness fans can improve their strength, coordination, agility, balance and endurance. Information panels at the site provide instructions on the exercises in both text and picture form. Equestrians will love the Langwieder Bach stables. Here, horseback riders can take advantage of individual training opportunities, use the track, go on guided or independent tours and even take lessons. The Langwieder Bach stables are home to 300 square meters of winter paddock, a grass-free, fenced-in pasture with water and feeding areas, and a 15,000 square-meter meadow, allowing their horses to get plenty of movement year-round.

Highlights: The Langwieder Bach stables also offer pony playtimes for its younger guests, allowing the horses and children to get acquainted with one another with some simple lessons.

Close to Nature

Lochhausen and its surroundings also have plenty to offer for nature enthusiasts. With its idyllic meadows, forests and ponds, the Aubinger Lohe recreational area is especially popular among joggers, cyclists and those simply looking for a place to take a walk. In the winter months it is a popular meeting point for sledders. Over an area of 120 hectares, the beautiful Langwieder lake district offers nature at its finest. It consists of the expansive Langwieder See lake, the children-friendly Lußsee and the Birkensee, which is especially popular among nudists. Beachgoers can also relax in the shade, burn calories on the volleyball court, take in the views from a rowboat, share a laugh at the mini-golf course and take their kids to the playground. A kiosk and a beer garden are available on site to provide sustenance, as are designated grilling areas.

Highlights: The Allacher Lohe recreational area is located near the Langwieder lake district. Here there are a number of rare and protected species of plants and animals waiting to be discovered on nice, long walks.


Downtown Munich can be reached from Lochhausen via the S3 commuter train in around 20 minutes.


We wish you plenty of enjoyment as you discover this multifaceted neighborhood.

Your DEMOS Team

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