Lights! – A (nearly) new lighting technology.

OLED lighting technology, which stands for organic light emitting diodes, was originally developed for screens (for smartphones, tablets, televisions and monitors, for example) but can now be used to light large areas and rooms.

The energy efficient light of the future – OLED


The most important difference to all older light sources is that OLED are area light sources rather than point light sources. This means that they create a diffused light that illuminates the space evenly and without glare and creates softer, more natural shadows.

The pleasant, warm and homogeneous light from OLED shines, in contrast to LEDs, instantly with full luminosity. They can be dimmed smoothly and light colors can be changed as required.

The ultra-flat light modules generate area light without heat and thereby save energy. They don't contain hazardous materials like mercury nor do they emit UV or IR rays.

OLED are a successful invention and an intelligent addition to modern lighting.

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