New Munich district of Freiham: educational campus starts operations

The precision landing is complete! In September the largest school building project of the state capital Munich opened in time for the start of school in the new district of Freiham. The huge area in the western Munich district of Aubing-Lochhausen-Langwied is now officially completed after two years of construction.

The superlative campus has 38,500 square meters of usable space and houses a total of four ultra-modern schools in which 3,000 students will soon be able to learn. In addition to a primary school, there is a development centre, a secondary school and a grammar school, which are easily accessible for the entire catchment area in the west of Munich thanks to their location at the "Freiham" S-Bahn station.

The "Campus Mitte" complex forms the heart of the school campus. The name was chosen because it is supposed to be the center of togetherness: Here are the canteen, the kitchen, the library, a large meeting room, creative areas and a double sports hall.

The schools were designed according to the Munich Lernhaus concept and the primary school is one of ten locations in the model project "Cooperative all-day education", a new form of education and care.

With the new building project "NEUE VIELFALT FREIHAM", DEMOS is currently realising modern and high-quality 1 to 4-room condominiums in the new district of Freiham, which will be ready for occupancy as early as the beginning of 2020.

All information on this and all other construction projects in Munich and the surrounding area you can find here.


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