Control existing lighting by smartphone

The selection of new lighting systems and technology is enormous. From simple energy-saving lamps to complete OLED systems with color concepts that could illuminate an entire theater. However, there are relatively economical and intelligent solutions for your home.

Those who'd like the option of setting different moods using their home illumination, and controlling the lighting by smartphone needn't necessarily buy new lights for everything.

There's a simple solution for this: one or more so-called "reverse phase control dimmers" allow you to set up an individual remote network by smartphone. The bulbs in your existing home lighting can be set individually or in groups and dimmed, brightened, turned on and off.

The reverse phase control dimmers are installed behind the light switch, or between the ceiling outlet and lights, and control electrical current. In addition to creating lighting scenarios, they have a positive side effect: since the light is usually dimmed, the lights use less energy and you save on electricity costs over the long run.

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