Condominiums munich: Perlacher Grün

The "Perlacher Grün" project involved the construction of 133 condominiums in the wonderful garden city of Perlach.
Altperlach features glorious natural surroundings, well-developed infrastructure with a good link to Munich's city center – also by public transport.The architectural concept for "Perlacher Grün" appeals through its timeless elegance. The south-side's linear architectural styling is harmoniously staggered and structured by varied building heights. All-round balconies provide each condominium with a relaxing open space and give the facade a pleasant exterior look.
"Perlacher Grün" features attractive rooftop-patio condominiums which, in addition to a south-side balcony, also have spacious patios complete with rooftop gardens. "Perlacher Grün" was completed in 2016.

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