Advantages of newly built property: efficient technology and healthy materials

Purchasing a residential property – that's something you usually only do once in a lifetime. That's why you should pay attention not only to the location but also to the quality of the materials and equipment used.

A property is a place to live that residents want to use worry-free for decades. Sustainable construction methods protect owners in many ways. High-quality new construction means more than durability and therefore a secure investment; it also means a healthy living environment through the use of natural, renewable materials.

What often first catches the eye, or rather the ear, when visiting a new condominium is the absence of noise. Especially compared to older apartments, it's clear how much the impact of noise insulation measures like insulating glass and airborne and footfall soundproofing has improved over recent years.

One of the most important benefits of new technology and materials relates to the issue of energy efficiency, especially given the steady rise in energy costs. Furthermore, thanks to modern wall construction, windows, doors, and compliance with current construction material standards, new buildings can offer levels of heat insulation that are virtually unachievable in older masonry, even after expensive renovation.

New buildings that comply with the new, statutory energy efficiency standards usually use much less energy than older real estate. Last but not least, the buyer of a new residential property also expects a state-of-the-art heating system that consequently works much more efficiently than systems in older buildings.

Altogether, and more than ever before, a newly constructed property offers the advantage of solid sustainability because the methods of constructing condominiums and houses has kept pace with the current high level of technological progress.

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