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Welcome to DEMOS and INDUWO – Your Property Developers for Munich

When buying property, experience is your best guide. The property developer DEMOS and its affiliate INDUWO have been two of the leading providers of premium real estate in and around Munich for decades. Whether you’re looking to purchase a condominium, townhouse or detached single-family house, we’ll help you find your ideal home.

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The most beautiful lakes in the region – part 2


Famous for its beautiful lakes, the region to the southwest of Munich is a popular destination on hot summer days. The varied free-time activities on offer at the bathing resorts are ideal for both families and singles, as well as anyone looking for action or for relaxation.  Read more ...

“Irma-Uhrbach-Carré” in Munich’s Perlach Süd district: Structural work completed


The new building project “Irma-Uhrbach-Carré” with modern condos is currently being built on Irma-Uhrbach-Straße. Building work is moving forward quickly, and structural work on the five buildings has now been completed.  Read more ...

The most beautiful lakes in the region – part 1


The best time to visit one of the many small and large lakes is in the summer months. There’s something for everyone here with a range of sporting activities, interesting tours and opportunities to relax by the water.  Read more ...

Two Strong Partners for Your Condominium or House in and around Munich


Property Developers

The Munich-based property developers DEMOS and INDUWO offer you a broad range of residential property. We build homes to meet every need, in premium quality and in very attractive neighborhoods. Benefit from the decades of experience of these two property developers. Developing high-quality residential housing in popular areas within and around Munich is something DEMOS has been doing for 50 years, and INDUWO for more than 30.

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Added Value

Whether you want to live in it yourself or invest capital for retirement income, a house or condominium in Munich offers a great many benefits. As owner-occupier, you gain a degree of independence, save rent expenses and invest in your own property. Your property will maintain its value in a good location in Munich. Should you choose to sell it, you can count on getting a very good price. As an investor, you won’t have any trouble finding a solvent tenant for your condo or house in or around Munich, you’ll enjoy tax benefits and you can move into the property yourself later.

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You Can Count on DEMOS and INDUWO... for the Full Life of Your Property



No matter if it’s a condominium, townhouse, semi-detached house or detached singlefamily house, all our properties have the distinction of:

  • Good locations in or around Munich
  • Appealing, modern architecture
  • Harmonious, spacious developments
  • All new residential properties have patios, gardens, balconies, loggia or rooftop patios
  • Very careful planning
  • Solid, contemporary, energy-efficient construction
  • Modern features everyone wants, such as underfloor heating, parquet flooring
  • Enduringly stable value
  • Strong resale demand of houses and condos in and around Munich
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Full Service

You need to be aware of many things when buying residential property. We at the property developers DEMOS and INDUWO advise and support you throughout the entire construction period and thereafter, from initial talks until handing over the keys. You’ll benefit from a personal consultant at your side: from choosing an appropriate new construction project in Munich through to detailed feasibility checks, negotiations with lenders, and claims for public subsidies. During construction, you can rely on our professional project leadership, on-time handling of all technical and commercial aspects, professional quality assurance and competent support in selecting individual furnishings and equipment. Even after purchase, you can rely on us to answer any questions you have about the property.

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Looking for Land

Looking for LandLearn more ...
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