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Lively and urban, green and quiet, modern and diverse: Patio Pasing stands for varied urban living in style-defining courtyard architecture. Patio Pasing will create multi-faceted 1 to 5 room condominiums. Each flat features high-quality brand-name furnishings with a choice of amenities as well as, for the most part, a spacious terrace, balcony, roof terrace or a sheltered loggia as an outdoor "green room".


During the development, a lot of attention was paid to the lovingly designed, generous green and open spaces with seating, sports facilities and playgrounds inside the ensemble. The literal highlight here is the communal roof terraces, which invite you to linger and relax.




  • Varied 1 to 4 room condominiums in the first sales section
  • Living spaces from approx. 31 m² to approx. 142 m²
  • For the most part with terrace, balcony, loggia or roof terrace
  • High-quality brand furnishings
  • Underground garage with individual parking spaces 
  • Lift from the basement to the top floor
  • Energy efficiency class A, KfW energy-efficient house 55
  • Requirements according to Building Energy Act 2020 fulfilled
  • Communal roof terraces
  • Generous parking area in the inner courtyard
  • Own infrastructure in the neighbourhood with day-care centres and shops for daily needs
  • In the immediate vicinity of Nymphenburg Palace Park




Construction progress: Construction has begun


Patio Pasing does not have a closed façade on the street-facing side  – but rather reveals a special feature of its flats in a lightened style: In addition to large terraces and balconies, many of them have a protected loggia, partly with sliding glass elements, as an outdoor "green room".

Property Patio Pasing - project details - Illustration 1
Property Patio Pasing - project details - Illustration 2


The architecture of Patio Pasing also visually creates an intentional separation between the public space and the inner courtyard. Here, the façades are even more open and emphasised with continuous balconies and floor-to-ceiling windows: In Patio Pasing, being outdoors is part of the living experience.


The grouping around an inner courtyard not only creates a quiet outdoor social space but also lets more light into the flats. Patio Pasing stands for a sense of living with light, air and open space. For instance, this is achieved by wide loggias, family flats that extend over the entire depth of a building section, or flats that are oriented in three cardinal directions in addition to generous balconies and floor-to-ceiling windows.



Patio Pasing offers new possibilities: Communal roof gardens or roof terraces are created in addition to the private outdoor seating of the roof terrace flats.

Above the roofs of Pasing, an entire roof terrace landscape is at your free disposal. This way you can enjoy the small luxury of time out on the roof every day. Recharge your batteries, get away from it all, socialise: In the Patio Pasing roof gardens, you are literally above things and pleasantly removed from everyday life. Look forward to new perspectives, just a few steps away from your flat!

Property Patio Pasing - project details - Illustration 3
Property Patio Pasing - project details - Illustration 4


Urban living has many faces – that's why Patio Pasing offers the perfect flat size and the suitable floor plan for a wide variety of lifestyles – certainly also for yours.


When cosiness meets elegance: The flats of Patio Pasing are a relaxing retreat and a prestigious centre of life at the same time. Experience a home entirely to your taste!

Property Patio Pasing - project details - Illustration 5


  • Varied 1 to 4 room condominiums in the first sales section
  • Living spaces from approx. 31 m² to approx. 142 m²
  • For the most part with terrace, balcony, loggia or roof terrace
  • Modern architecture, varied floor plans
  • Underground garage with individual parking spaces 
  • Lift from the basement to the top floor
  • Energy efficiency class A
  • Meets the requirements of the Building Energy Act 2020
  • KfW energy-efficient house 55
  • Type of heating: District heating
  • Equipment details
    • Parquet flooring in all living areas
    • Underfloor heating
    • Video intercom system
    • Electric Venetian blinds
    • Decentralised ventilation system with thermal efficiency
    • Clear room height of approx. 258 cm in all living areas
    • Towel radiator in bathroom and shower room
    • Upmarket standard fittings with bathroom choices, e.g., Villeroy & Boch, Laufen, Hansgrohe
    • Floor-level shower



Pasing's identity is not that of a city district – but that of the independent city it once was.

It's a good feeling when some of Munich's best-known spots are only a 15-minute ride away by S-Bahn. And it's reassuring to know that you can go into the city at any time – but you don't have to. This is because Pasing has everything that constitutes near-natural urbanity.




Special attention was paid to the green and open spaces during the planning process. Between the buildings with their varied inner courtyards are generous open spaces and parks. Almost one-third of the site, around 10 hectares, consists of green spaces.

A special highlight is the southern landscape park with numerous playgrounds and areas to relax. A primary school with 6 classes is currently being built in the neighbourhood centre, numerous day-care centres are distributed in and around the area, and everyday needs are catered for by supermarkets and a pharmacy.


Easy to reach by bike, car or public transport:


In the quarter
(Edeka, Aldi, Rossmann, Vinzenzmurr), a primary school and several day-care centres in the immediate vicinity.

The approx. 180-hectare park adjoins the Nymphenburg palace

Featuring 150 shops on three levels as well as various cafés and restaurants

Approx. 14 minutes by S-Bahn from Pasing station without needing to change trains

Approx. 40 minutes by S-Bahn from Pasing station

Property Patio Pasing - surrounding image 1
Property Patio Pasing - surrounding image 2
Property Patio Pasing - surrounding image 3

Condominiums Munich: Patio Pasing - City map 1

Condominiums Munich: Patio Pasing - City map 2
Condominiums Munich: Patio Pasing - Site plan 1
Condominiums Munich: Patio Pasing - Site plan 2
Floor plan
House 1
1.0.13 RoomCondominium with Patio / garden *Ground floor81.2491.17841,000.-Available
1.0.22 RoomCondominium with LoggiaGround floor48.9455.74567,000.-Available
1.1.12 RoomCondominium with Balcony and loggia *1st floor66.2272.85737,000.-Available
1.1.32 RoomCondominium with Loggia *1st floor61.2868.92663,000.-Available
1.1.42 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor55.6769.44632,000.-Available
1.1.52 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor52.9859.55616,000.-Available
1.2.12 RoomCondominium with Balcony and loggia *2nd floor66.0472.48737,000.-Available
1.2.33 RoomCondominium with Loggia *2nd floor61.2868.92Sold 
1.2.42 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor55.6769.44642,000.-Available
1.2.52 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor52.9859.55627,000.-Available
1.3.12 RoomCondominium with Balcony and loggia *3rd floor66.0472.48750,000.-Available
1.3.32 RoomCondominium with Loggia *3rd floor61.2868.92681,000.-Available
1.3.42 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor55.6769.44653,000.-Available
1.3.52 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor52.9859.55Sold 
1.4.12 RoomCondominium with Balcony and loggia *4th floor66.0472.48762,000.-Available
1.4.22 RoomCondominium with Loggia4th floor61.8273.62663,000.-Available
1.4.32 RoomCondominium with Loggia4th floor55.6769.44663,000.-Available
1.4.42 RoomCondominium with Loggia4th floor52.9859.55Sold 
1.5.12 RoomCondominium with Balcony and loggia *5th floor66.0472.48775,000.-Available
1.5.22 RoomCondominium with Loggia5th floor61.9674.03673,000.-Available
1.5.32 RoomCondominium with Loggia5th floor55.6769.44Sold 
1.5.42 RoomCondominium with Loggia5th floor52.9859.55Sold 
1.6.12 RoomCondominium with Balcony and loggia *6th floor66.0472.48789,000.-Available
1.6.22 RoomCondominium with Loggia6th floor61.9674.03682,000.-Available
1.6.32 RoomCondominium with Loggia6th floor55.6769.44691,000.-Available
1.6.42 RoomCondominium with Loggia6th floor52.9859.55669,000.-Available
House 2
2.0.12 RoomCondominium with Patio / gardenGround floor46.0451.39Sold 
2.0.21 RoomCondominium with LoggiaGround floor31.1435.20Sold 
2.0.32 RoomCondominium with LoggiaGround floor46.6153.21554,000.-Available
2.1.12 RoomCondominium with Balcony and loggia *1st floor66.0472.39725,000.-Available
2.1.22 RoomCondominium with Balcony1st floor45.1352.70542,000.-Available
2.1.31 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor31.1435.20Sold 
2.1.41 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor30.9934.96Sold 
2.2.12 RoomCondominium with Balcony and loggia *2nd floor66.0472.39737,000.-Available
2.2.21 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor34.9340.64Sold 
2.2.41 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor30.9934.96Sold 
2.2.51 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor30.9934.96Reserved 
2.3.12 RoomCondominium with Balcony and loggia *3rd floor66.0472.39750,000.-Available
2.3.21 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor34.9340.64424,000.-Available
2.3.33 RoomCondominium with Balcony and loggia *3rd floor80.3790.71Sold 
2.3.41 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor30.9934.96Sold 
2.3.51 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor30.9934.96Sold 
2.4.12 RoomCondominium with Balcony and loggia *4th floor66.0472.39762,000.-Available
2.4.21 RoomCondominium with Balcony4th floor34.9340.64429,000.-Available
2.4.33 RoomCondominium with Balcony and loggia *4th floor80.3790.71Sold 
2.4.41 RoomCondominium with Loggia4th floor30.9934.96Sold 
2.4.51 RoomCondominium with Loggia4th floor30.9934.96Sold 
2.5.12 RoomCondominium with Rooftop patio and balcony and loggia5th floor72.5084.66843,000.-Available
2.5.21,5 RoomCondominium with Balcony5th floor34.9340.64434,000.-Available
2.5.33 RoomCondominium with Balcony and loggia *5th floor80.3790.71Reserved 
2.5.41 RoomCondominium with Loggia5th floor30.9934.96Sold 
2.5.51 RoomCondominium with Loggia5th floor30.9934.96Sold 
2.6.12 RoomCondominium with Balcony and loggia6th floor67.0973.84780,000.-Available
2.6.21 RoomCondominium with Balcony6th floor34.9340.64Sold 
2.6.33 RoomCondominium with Balcony and loggia *6th floor80.3790.71Sold 
2.6.41 RoomCondominium with Loggia6th floor30.9934.96399,000.-Available
2.6.51 RoomCondominium with Loggia6th floor30.9934.96399,000.-Available
House 3
3.0.12 RoomCondominium with LoggiaGround floor46.6153.21Reserved 
3.0.31 RoomCondominium with PatioGround floor36.7842.13426,000.-Available
3.1.11 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor30.9934.96Reserved 
3.2.1Condominium with Loggia2nd floor30.9934.96373,000.-Available
3.3.11 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor30.9934.96377,000.-Available
3.3.21 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor30.9934.96Reserved 
3.3.33 RoomCondominium with Balcony and loggia *3rd floor81.9092.85Sold 
3.3.44 RoomCondominium with Balcony and loggia *3rd floor101.01112.67Sold 
3.4.11 RoomCondominium with Loggia4th floor30.9934.96383,000.-Available
3.4.21 RoomCondominium with Loggia4th floor30.9934.96383,000.-Available
3.4.33 RoomCondominium with Balcony and loggia *4th floor81.9092.85Sold 
3.4.44 RoomCondominium with Balcony and loggia *4th floor101.01112.671,009,800.-Available
House 13
13.0.13 RoomCondominium with PatioGround floor78.2384.56Sold 
13.1.11 RoomCondominium with Balcony1st floor32.3636.41Reserved 
13.1.21 RoomCondominium with Balcony1st floor32.5136.71393,000.-Available
13.1.34 RoomCondominium with Balcony *1st floor102.83107.36Sold 
13.2.11 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor32.3636.41Sold 
13.2.21 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor32.3636.41395,000.-Available
13.3.11 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor32.3636.41401,000.-Available
13.3.21 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor32.3636.41401,000.-Available
13.3.44 RoomCondominium with Balcony *3rd floor91.7296.25Sold 
13.4.11 RoomCondominium with Balcony4th floor32.3636.41408,000.-Available
13.4.21 RoomCondominium with Balcony4th floor32.3636.41Sold 
13.4.33 RoomCondominium with Balcony *4th floor79.2184.71Sold 
13.4.44 RoomCondominium with Balcony *4th floor91.7296.25Sold 
13.5.11 RoomCondominium with Balcony5th floor32.3636.41414,000.-Available
13.5.21 RoomCondominium with Balcony5th floor32.3636.41414,000.-Available
13.5.33 RoomCondominium with Balcony *5th floor79.2184.71871,000.-Available
13.5.44 RoomCondominium with Rooftop patio and balcony *5th floor97.25107.08Reserved 
13.6.11 RoomCondominium with Balcony6th floor32.3636.41422,000.-Available
13.6.21 RoomCondominium with Balcony6th floor32.3636.41422,000.-Available
13.6.33 RoomCondominium with Balcony *6th floor79.2184.71Sold 
13.6.44 RoomCondominium with Balcony *6th floor92.1496.87Sold 
House 14
14.0.13 RoomCondominium with Patio / gardenGround floor79.9786.87864,000.-Available
14.1.32 RoomCondominium with Balcony1st floor46.7952.63Sold 
14.1.41 RoomCondominium with Balcony1st floor32.3636.41391,000.-Available
14.2.14 RoomCondominium with Balcony *2nd floor91.3695.87972,000.-Available
14.2.32 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor46.7952.63Sold 
14.2.41 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor32.3636.41Sold 
14.3.14 RoomCondominium with Balcony *3rd floor91.3695.87Sold 
14.3.24 RoomCondominium with Balcony *3rd floor94.94100.48Sold 
14.3.32 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor46.7952.63586,000.-Available
14.3.41 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor32.3636.41401,000.-Available
14.4.14 RoomCondominium with Balcony *4th floor91.3695.871,000,000.-Available
14.4.24 RoomCondominium with Balcony *4th floor94.94100.48Reserved 
14.4.32 RoomCondominium with Balcony4th floor46.7952.63596,000.-Available
14.4.41 RoomCondominium with Balcony4th floor32.3636.41Sold 
House 15
15.0.13 RoomCondominium with Patio *Ground floor92.55100.09880,000.-Available
15.1.13 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor77.8086.47729,000.-Available
15.1.22 RoomCondominium with Balcony1st floor48.9855.17Sold 
15.1.32 RoomCondominium with Balcony1st floor61.9966.02654,000.-Available
15.1.52 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor46.0450.55Sold 
15.2.13 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor77.8686.53763,000.-Available
15.2.22 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor48.9855.17Sold 
15.2.32 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor61.9966.02Sold 
15.2.52 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor46.0450.55Reserved 
15.3.13 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor77.8686.53771,000.-Available
15.3.22 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor48.9855.17Sold 
15.3.32 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor61.9966.02Sold 
15.3.52 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor46.0450.55551,000.-Available
15.4.13 RoomCondominium with Loggia4th floor77.8686.53Sold 
15.4.22 RoomCondominium with Balcony4th floor48.9855.17Sold 
15.4.32 RoomCondominium with Balcony4th floor61.4565.48Sold 
15.4.52 RoomCondominium with Loggia4th floor46.0450.55559,000.-Available
15.5.13 RoomCondominium with Loggia5th floor77.8686.53Reserved 
15.5.22 RoomCondominium with Balcony5th floor43.2448.60Sold 
15.5.34 RoomCondominium with Balcony5th floor91.59100.85Sold 
15.5.42 RoomCondominium with Loggia5th floor46.0450.55569,000.-Available
15.6.13 RoomCondominium with Loggia6th floor77.8686.53Sold 
15.6.22 RoomCondominium with Balcony6th floor43.2448.60601,000.-Available
15.6.34 RoomCondominium6th floor92.84102.67Sold 
15.6.42 RoomCondominium with Loggia6th floor46.0450.55582,000.-Available
15.7.13 RoomCondominium with Loggia7. OG77.8686.53Sold 
15.7.22 RoomCondominium with Balcony7. OG43.2448.60613,000.-Available
15.7.34 RoomCondominium with Balcony7. OG92.84102.67Sold 
15.7.42 RoomCondominium with Loggia7. OG46.0450.55594,000.-Available
House 16
16.0.12 RoomCondominium with Patio / gardenGround floor59.9365.91Sold 
16.0.22 RoomCondominium with Patio / gardenGround floor59.8265.18Sold 
16.1.12 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor45.4649.65532,000.-Available
16.1.32 RoomCondominium with Balcony1st floor43.6249.10Sold 
16.1.43 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor77.9886.65756,000.-Available
16.2.12 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor45.3449.41Reserved 
16.2.32 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor43.6249.10Sold 
16.2.43 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor78.0486.71764,000.-Available
16.3.12 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor45.3449.41544,000.-Available
16.3.32 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor43.6249.10Sold 
16.3.43 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor78.0486.71Sold 
16.4.14 RoomCondominium with Rooftop patio and balcony and loggia4th floor142.64172.531,600,000.-Available
16.4.22 RoomCondominium with Balcony4th floor43.2448.72573,000.-Available
16.4.33 RoomCondominium with Loggia4th floor78.0486.71779,000.-Available
16.5.14 RoomCondominium with Balcony and loggia5th floor129.05141.751,400,000.-Available
16.5.22 RoomCondominium with Balcony5th floor63.1771.36Sold 
16.5.33 RoomCondominium with Loggia5th floor78.0486.71789,000.-Available
16.6.14 RoomCondominium with Balcony and loggia6th floor129.05141.75Sold 
16.6.22 RoomCondominium with Balcony6th floor63.1771.36Sold 
16.6.33 RoomCondominium with Loggia6th floor78.0486.71Sold 
16.7.14 RoomCondominium with Balcony and loggia7. OG129.05141.751,460,000.-Available
16.7.22 RoomCondominium with Balcony7. OG63.1771.36Sold 
16.7.33 RoomCondominium with Loggia7. OG78.0486.71819,000.-Available
House 17
17.0.12 RoomCondominium with PatioGround floor63.8270.17740,000.-Available
17.0.22 RoomCondominium with PatioGround floor46.1052.96Sold 
17.1.12 RoomCondominium with Balcony1st floor46.1953.40Sold 
17.1.22 RoomCondominium with Loggia *1st floor63.4571.15671,000.-Available
17.1.32 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor62.2270.01Sold 
17.1.43 RoomCondominium with Balcony1st floor76.8185.27Sold 
17.2.12 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor46.1153.23Sold 
17.2.23 RoomCondominium with Loggia and balcony *2nd floor78.5788.91827,000.-Available
17.2.32 RoomCondominium with Loggia *2nd floor63.3771.00677,000.-Available
17.2.42 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor62.2270.01667,000.-Available
17.2.53 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor76.8185.27Sold 
17.3.12 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor46.1153.23Sold 
17.3.23 RoomCondominium with Balcony *3rd floor78.5788.91835,000.-Available
17.3.32 RoomCondominium with Loggia *3rd floor63.3771.00690,000.-Available
17.3.42 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor62.2270.01675,000.-Available
17.3.53 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor76.8185.27Sold 
House 1
1.6.5Separate basement roomBasement0.0010.61Sold 
House 15
15.7.5Separate basement roomBasement0.0022.66Sold 
15.7.6Separate basement roomBasement0.0022.66Sold 
House 16
16.7.4Separate basement roomBasement0.0023.83Sold 
16.7.5Separate basement roomBasement0.0023.57Sold 
Number of Condominiums: 172
Number of separate basement rooms: 5


* Article 48 of the Bavarian Building Code prohibits any change to this condominium’s floor plan.


The purchaser of each condominium must also acquire a parking space in the underground garage from the following options (regarding the availability, the location and the exact technical specifications of the parking systems of the underground parking spaces, please contact your contact person on behalf of DEMOS Wohnbau GmbH in the section "Contact"):


  • Own parking space; approx. 2.50 m wide, EUR 30,000
  • Own parking space; approx. 2.60 m wide, EUR 32,000
  • Own parking space; approx. 2.70 m wide, EUR 33,000
  • Own parking space; approx. 2.80 m wide, EUR 33,900
  • Own parking space; approx. 2.90 m wide, EUR 34,500
  • Own parking space; approx. 3.00 m wide, EUR 35,000
  • Own parking space; approx. 3.25 m wide, EUR 36,000
  • Own parking space; approx. 3.60 m wide, EUR 36,500
  • Own parking space; approx. 3.90 m wide, EUR 37,000
  • Own parking space; approx. 4.50 m wide, EUR 38,000
  • Own parking space; approx. 5.00 m wide, EUR 38,500


Preliminary figures in accordance with Article 79 of the Building Energy Law from 2020-08-08:


  • Energy pass classification: Energy performance certificate – Preview
  • Final energy requirement: 44.2 kWh / (m²*a)
  • Primary energy source for heating and hot water: District heating from SWM (Munich’s public utility Company)
  • Year of construction: 2023 - New building
  • Energy efficiency category: A



by arrangement


Our show apartment is located at Hermine-von-Parish-Straße 96, 81245 München.


Personal consultation on behalf of DEMOS Wohnbau GmbH
in our show apartment by arrangement:

Phone  089 / 231 73 200


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