“DIE NEUE GERBERAU“ in Munich-Allach: Structural work completed

Structural work has been completed on all buildings in the “DIE NEUE GERBERAU” new building project in Munich-Allach. In a joint project, DEMOS and INDUWO are building a total of five residential buildings with 2- to 5-room condominiums.

All of the condominiums include protected all-round loggias or patios, as well as high-quality equipment and furnishings. One distinctive feature is the car-free esplanade that connects all five buildings with lots of open green spaces.

“DIE NEUE GERBERAU” is expected to be ready for occupancy in winter 2018/2019. 2- to 3.5-room condominiums are currently still available.

You can find all information about the project “DIE NEUE GERBERAU” and the condominiums that are still available here.

Your DEMOS Team