3 lighting tips for a cozy home

One important factor for feeling good in your own home is lighting. We've checked out the current trends to discover new ideas and exciting developments.

Lighting can naturally be a lot more than "just" illuminating your rooms. Light represents quality of life and increases people's feelings of well-being. It conveys various moods and different light colors can have certain effects, be they calming, motivating, stimulating or relaxing. The blue portion activates the release of hormones that affect biorhythms, our inner clocks. For example, a purposeful change in the light color can have a positive influence on people's performance.

1. Control lighting by smartphone:

The choice of all-in-one solutions (lighting + smartphone controls) is enormous and the main distinction between which one is chosen is personal taste and budget. However, there are options for controlling lighting by smartphone. You can install a so-called "reverse phase control dimmer" behind the present light switch or ceiling connection to the light that will allow you to configure your own remote network; the required corresponding smartphone app is usually free of charge.

2. Save electricity and money:

OLED lighting technology, which stands for organic light emitting diodes, was originally developed for screens but can now be used to light large areas and rooms. OLED modules don't generate heat, which means electricity savings.

3. Create a Christmas feeling with the appropriate lighting.

The number of lighting choices on offer and various technologies is almost overwhelming. Many search online for a fitting customized solution. You have to be careful, though, because the photos and depictions of the lights may be deceptive. Nothing is as hard to capture precisely by camera as mood lighting. This is especially true when the color and luminosity change across time intervals. To be sure that you've found the right lighting idea, pay a personal visit to the lighting store to get your own impression of the effect of optical Christmas decorations.

In the "good ol' days" of lighting, you only had two options: "on" and "off". Today you can create lighting scenarios with very little effort that quite beautifully underline the personality of a living space and can have positive influences on the moods of the occupants.

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