Property Munich: Alexisquartier - Wohnen am Park

ALEXISQUARTIER is being built in Munich-Perlach, right next to the garden city of Trudering and the Truderinger Wald woodlands. We will build a new city district for you in several stages with condominiums, townhouses and its own infrastructure with the quarter’s own promenade, shopping facilities and childcare facilities.

The “ALEXISQUARTIER — Wohnen am Park” construction phase consists of
103 modern condos with 1 to 4-rooms.


  • 1 to 4-room condominiums
  • Floor space from approx. 38 m² to 102 m²
  • All condominiums with patio, balcony or loggia
  • Modern, appealing architecture
  • Energy efficiency category A, Energy Saving Ordinance 2016 KfW 55 efficiency house
  • Various floor plans
  • Underground parking with optional charging solution for e-automobiles
  • Elevator from the basement to the top floor
  • Room heights approx. 2.65 m in living spaces
  • Furnishings:
  • Underfloor heating
  • parquet flooring in all living areas
  • electric external shutters
  • video intercom system
  • Brand-name tiling from renowned manufacturers
  • a range of high-quality bathroom furnishings to choose from
  • towel warmers in bathroom and shower



Construction progress: Property under construction




“ALEXISQUARTIER — Wohnen am Park” is right next to the spacious district park and the district promenade with its shopping facilities. A total of 103 high quality condominiums will be built in this section.

 Individuality is important here because every condominium has its own charm. You can look forward to differently designed, modern 1 to 4-room condominiums with balconies, loggias or patios.




New things are only as good as how they will be seen in future. Therefore, we are planning our condominiums not just for today, but also with an eye to tomorrow. So you will be safe in the knowledge that you have made the right decision for years to come.

Colorful gardens, trees, living open areas ... our architects have not only thought about 
interiors but have paid just as much attention to detail to the surroundings of your new condominium.
After all, you should feel as comfortable outside as you do inside your own home.

And you will be. Exceptional details, lots of light and select, beautiful materials make sure of this.




It's sufficient when your days are full of routine. Life around your home should be different. That’s why we have based ALEXISQUARTIER on varied, open spaces that offer you a rich quality of life outside your own home.

This applies to the outdoor green spaces as well as the generous open spaces inside your condo in the form of balconies, loggias and patios.




Owning your own apartment is pure luxury. Especially in a city like Munich. 
Getting this luxury at a fair and transparent value-for-money price and also with such premium equipment and furnishings is a true rarity.

We are pleased to offer you condominiums that give you more than just a place to reside.  The bathrooms with their carefully selected materials such as porcelain stoneware wall cladding, modern branded fittings, underfloor heating and some with natural light are sure to be exactly to your taste.




  • 1- to 4-room condominiums
  • Residential units from approx. 38 m² through approx. 102 m² in size
  • Spacious patios, balconies and loggias
  • Modern, appealing architecture
  • Energy efficiency category A, Energy Saving Ordinance 2016
  • KfW 55 efficiency house
  • Various floor plans
  • Underground parking with optional charging solution for e-automobiles
  • Elevator from the basement to the top floor
  • Room heights approx. 2.65 m in living spaces
  • Furnishings:
    • Underfloor heating
    • Parquet flooring in all living areas
    • Video intercom system
    • Electric external shutters
    • Towel warmers in bathroom and shower
    • Superior standard equipment with options, e.g.
    • washbasin/WC by Laufen
    • (wall) tiles by Grohn-Easy
    • shower enclosure by Kermi
    • fittings by Dornbracht
    • (floor) tiles by Princess Ceramic



  • 1- bis 4-Zimmer-Eigentumswohnungen
  • Wohnflächen von ca. 38 m² bis ca. 102 m²
  • Großzügige Terrassen, Balkone und Loggien
  • Moderne, ansprechende Architektur
  • Energieeffizienzklasse A, EnEV 2016
  • KfW-Effizienzhaus 55
  • Vielfältige Grundrisse
  • Tiefgaragenplatz mit optionaler Ladelösung für E-Autos
  • Aufzug vom Unter- bis ins oberste Vollgeschoss
  • Lichte Höhen der Wohnräume von ca. 2,65 m
  • Ausstattungsdetails:
    • Fußbodenheizung
    • Parkett in allen Wohnräumen
    • Video-Gegensprechanlage
    • Elektrische Raffstores
    • Handtuchheizkörper in Bad und Duschbad
    • Gehobene Standardausstattung mit Wahlmöglichkeiten, z. B.
    • Waschtisch / WC von Laufen
    • Fliesen (Wand) von Grohn-Easy
    • Duschabtrennung: Kermi
    • Armaturen: Dornbracht
    • Fliesen (Boden): Princess Ceramic



We are developing a complete residential district in the south-east of Munich, the ALEXISQUARTIER, which more than meets today’s expectations. The contemporary modern architecture is not the only thing that makes living here an attractive proposition. There is also the perfect mix of everyday life combined with high recreational value.

The location is the ideal setting for this: on the one hand you have its natural surroundings, on the other hand the fast and easy connection to our Bavarian capital. And if picture postcards don’t quite do justice to the lush meadows and majestic Alps for you, in no time at all you can be right where others only get to spend their holidays.




Enjoy being a city dweller and at the same time still experiencing the feel of nature. Few places can achieve this balancing act. Yet ALEXISQUARTIER fully satisfies these two longings. There are two oases of peace and relaxation right on your doorstep: Truderinger Wald woodlands and Ostpark parkland. And a short drive further out takes you to the Tegernsee lake, Lake Starnberg or to the lush green region of Tölzer Land with its imposing view of the Alps.

Everything is catered for, whether it's art and culture, shopping or simply a night out in the urban jungle! The heart of Munich is easy to reach whether you choose public transport, automobile or even the sporty way on your bicycle. As you can see, a location that not only promises but also delivers what you want.


Surroundings at a glance:


  • Neuperlach Zentrum subway station: U5 station and bus stop for several lines
  • Several shopping options such as the Neuperlach shopping center—also known as pep
  • Many recreational opportunities: e.g. in the nearby Truderinger Wald woodlands, Perlacher Forst forest, Ostpark and Perlachpark parklands and the beautiful Tölzer Land region
  • Corporate headquarters such as Siemens AG, University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich, Infineon Technologies AG Neubiberg
  • Hanns-Seidel-Platz: planning/construction of a new district center with social, cultural and retail facilities
Immobilie Alexisquartier - Wohnen am Park - Stadtplanausschnitt 1
Immobilie Alexisquartier - Wohnen am Park - Stadtplanausschnitt 2
Immobilie Alexisquartier - Wohnen am Park - Quartiersplan
Immobilie Alexisquartier - Wohnen am Park - Lageplan
Floor plan
House 1
1.1.14 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor88.4893.64Sold
1.1.23 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor73.9479.16Sold
1.1.33 RoomCondominium with Loggia *1st floor76.6782.63Sold
1.2.14 RoomCondominium with Loggia and balcony2nd floor91.3699.21Sold
1.2.23 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor74.4179.63Sold
1.2.33 RoomCondominium with Loggia and balcony *2nd floor79.3287.93Sold
1.3.14 RoomCondominium with Balcony and loggia3rd floor91.3699.21Sold
1.3.23 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor74.4179.63Sold
1.3.33 RoomCondominium with Balcony and loggia *3rd floor79.3287.93Sold
1.4.14 RoomCondominium with Balcony and loggia4th floor91.3699.21Sold
1.4.23 RoomCondominium with Loggia4th floor74.4179.63Sold
1.4.33 RoomCondominium with Loggia and balcony *4th floor79.3287.93Sold
1.5.14 RoomCondominium with Balcony and loggia5th floor91.3699.21Sold
1.5.23 RoomCondominium with Loggia5th floor74.4179.63Sold
1.5.33 RoomCondominium with Balcony and loggia *5th floor79.3287.93645,000.-Reserved
House 2
2.1.12 RoomCondominium with Loggia *1st floor60.1663.16Sold
2.1.24 RoomCondominium with 2 loggias *1st floor98.52108.03Sold
2.1.33 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor73.9479.16Sold
2.1.44 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor89.0794.00Sold
2.2.12 RoomCondominium with Loggia *2nd floor60.1663.16Sold
2.2.24 RoomCondominium with 2 loggias *2nd floor98.52108.03Sold
2.2.33 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor74.4279.64Sold
2.2.44 RoomCondominium with Loggia and balcony2nd floor91.9599.57Sold
2.3.12 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor50.9653.96Sold
2.3.24 RoomCondominium with 2 loggias *3rd floor97.71107.22Sold
2.3.33 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor74.4279.64Sold
2.3.44 RoomCondominium with Loggia and balcony3rd floor91.9599.57Sold
2.4.12 RoomCondominium with Loggia4th floor50.9653.96Sold
2.4.24 RoomCondominium with 2 loggias *4th floor97.71107.22Sold
2.4.33 RoomCondominium with Loggia4th floor74.4279.64Sold
2.4.44 RoomCondominium with Loggia and balcony4th floor91.9599.57Sold
2.5.12 RoomCondominium with Loggia5th floor50.9653.96Sold
2.5.24 RoomCondominium with 2 loggias *5th floor97.71107.22Sold
2.5.33 RoomCondominium with Loggia5th floor74.4179.63Sold
2.5.44 RoomCondominium with Balcony and loggia5th floor91.9599.57Sold
House 3
3.1.12 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor58.9063.19Sold
3.1.23 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor75.4080.51Sold
3.1.33 RoomCondominium with Loggiabalkon *1st floor85.7593.73Sold
3.2.12 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor58.8963.18Sold
3.2.23 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor75.4080.51Sold
3.2.33 RoomCondominium with Loggiabalkon *2nd floor85.7593.73Sold
3.3.12 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor54.3458.63Sold
3.3.23 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor75.4080.51Sold
3.3.33 RoomCondominium with Loggiabalkon *3rd floor85.7593.73Sold
3.4.12 RoomCondominium with Loggia4th floor54.3558.64Sold
3.4.23 RoomCondominium with Loggia4th floor75.4080.51Sold
3.4.33 RoomCondominium with Loggiabalkon *4th floor85.7593.73Sold
3.5.12 RoomCondominium with Loggia5th floor54.3558.64Sold
3.5.23 RoomCondominium with Loggia5th floor75.4080.51Sold
3.5.33 RoomCondominium with Loggiabalkon *5th floor85.7593.73Sold
House 4
4.0.12 RoomCondominium with Patio / garden *Ground floor52.9957.93Sold
4.0.22 RoomCondominium with Patio / garden *Ground floor44.5449.69Sold
4.1.12 RoomCondominium with Balcony1st floor48.8455.15Sold
4.1.22 RoomCondominium with Balcony1st floor50.6854.32Sold
4.1.31 RoomCondominium with Balcony1st floor37.5440.20Sold
4.2.12 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor48.8455.15Sold
4.2.22 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor50.6954.33Sold
4.2.31 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor37.5440.20Sold
4.3.12 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor48.8455.15Sold
4.3.22 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor50.6854.32Sold
4.3.31 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor37.5440.20Sold
4.4.12 RoomCondominium with Balcony4th floor48.8455.15Sold
4.4.22 RoomCondominium with Balcony4th floor50.6854.32Sold
4.4.31 RoomCondominium with Balcony4th floor37.5440.20Sold
House 5
5.0.12 RoomCondominium with Patio / garden *Ground floor49.6855.38Sold
5.1.12 RoomCondominium with Balcony *1st floor54.6258.69Sold
5.1.23 RoomCondominium with Balcony1st floor72.9478.94Sold
5.2.12 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor54.6158.68Sold
5.2.23 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor72.9478.94Sold
5.3.12 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor54.6158.68Sold
5.3.23 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor72.9478.94Sold
5.4.12 RoomCondominium with Balcony4th floor54.6158.68Sold
5.4.23 RoomCondominium with Balcony4th floor72.9478.94Sold
House 6
6.0.12 RoomCondominium with LoggiaGround floor61.4666.58Sold
6.0.21 RoomCondominium with Patio / gardenGround floor39.5543.98Sold
6.1.11 RoomCondominium with Balcony1st floor39.2143.92Sold
6.1.22 RoomCondominium with Balcony1st floor55.7262.10Sold
6.1.32 RoomCondominium with Balcony *1st floor55.1561.61Sold
6.1.41 RoomCondominium with Balcony1st floor39.0243.65Sold
6.2.11 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor39.2143.92Sold
6.2.22 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor55.7262.10Sold
6.2.32 RoomCondominium with Balcony *2nd floor55.1561.61Sold
6.2.41 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor39.0243.65Sold
6.3.11 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor39.2143.92Sold
6.3.22 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor55.7262.10Sold
6.3.32 RoomCondominium with Balcony *3rd floor55.1561.61Sold
6.3.44 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor101.90113.29Sold
6.4.11 RoomCondominium with Balcony4th floor39.2143.92Sold
6.4.22 RoomCondominium with Balcony4th floor55.7262.10Sold
6.4.32 RoomCondominium with Balcony *4th floor55.1561.61Sold
6.4.44 RoomCondominium with Balcony4th floor102.02113.41Sold
House 7
7.0.13 RoomCondominium with Patio / garden and balcony *Ground floor79.8287.58Sold
7.0.24 RoomCondominium with 2 patios / gardenGround floor100.25111.10Sold
7.1.13 RoomCondominium with 2 Balkone *1st floor85.5896.39Sold
7.1.22 RoomCondominium with Balcony1st floor57.3263.62Sold
7.1.32 RoomCondominium with Balcony1st floor59.5865.90Sold
7.2.13 RoomCondominium with 2 Balkone2nd floor85.5896.39Sold
7.2.22 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor57.3263.62Sold
7.2.32 RoomCondominium with Balcony2nd floor59.5865.90Sold
7.3.13 RoomCondominium with 2 Balkone3rd floor85.5896.39Sold
7.3.22 RoomCondominium with Balcony3rd floor53.5359.83Sold
7.4.13 RoomCondominium with 2 Balkone4th floor85.5896.39Sold
7.4.22 RoomCondominium with Balcony4th floor53.5359.83Sold
House 1
1.9.0Separate basement roomBasement0.0027.87Sold
1.9.1Separate basement roomBasement0.0025.71Sold
House 2
2.9.0Separate basement roomBasement0.0018.93Sold
2.9.1Separate basement roomBasement0.0013.16Sold
Number of Condominiums: 103
Number of separate basement rooms: 4


* Article 48 of the Bavarian Building Code prohibits any change to this condominium's floor plan.


The purchaser of each condominium must also acquire a parking space in the underground garage from the following options (regarding the availability, the location and the exact technical specifications of the parking systems of the underground parking spaces, please contact your contact person on behalf of DEMOS Wohnbau GmbH in the section "Contact".):


  • Multiple-parker Nr. 11;  lower, max vehicle height approx. 1,75 m; for EUR 23,900
  • Multiple-parker Nr. 11; upper; max vehicle height approx. 2,05 m; for EUR 26,900
  • Own parking space; width approx. 2,55 m; for EUR 28,500
  • Own parking space; width approx. 2,60 m; for EUR 29,500
  • Own parking space; width approx. 2,69 m; for EUR 30,500
  • Own parking space; width approx. 2,79 m; for EUR 31,500
  • Own parking space; width approx. 2,99 m; for EUR 32,500
  • Own parking space; width approx. 3,50 m; for EUR 35,500
  • Own parking space; width approx. 3,90 m; for EUR 37,500
  • Motorcycle parking space; for EUR 5,000


Preliminary figures in accordance with Article 16 of the Energy Saving Ordinance:


  • Energy pass classification: Energy performance certificate – Preview
    (Note: all of the following figures are based on the energy performance certificate – preview)
  • Final energy requirement: 46.4 kWh / (m²a), (when a project includes multiple buildings, the highest value throughout the complex is indicated)
  • Primary energy source for heating and hot water: District heating from SWM (Munich’s public utility Company)
  • Year of construction: 2020 (Note: New building, first occupancy)
  • Energy efficiency category: A



by arrangement


Your sales advisors, on behalf of DEMOS Wohnbau GmbH, are available to you in our showroom for a personal consultation appointment.

The entrance to the ALEXISQUARTIER is located between the Mercure Hotel and the
SWM district heating station (Karl-Marx-Ring 91) and is signposted from the intersection Ständlerstraße / Karl-Marx-Ring.


Mr. Max Eckschlager
Phone 0170 - 766 38 83
Mr. Frank Possinger
Phone 0151 - 65 17 33 17
Mr. Alfred Dornstädter
Phone 0171 - 494 22 88
Mr. Alexander Eicher
Phone 0174 - 840 840 1


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