Condominiums munich: Prisma Pasing

The PRISMA PASING project is located in the beautiful district of Pasing-Obermenzing right next to the Nymphenburg Palace Park and near downtown Pasing. 255 condominiums in total are being built in 15 buildings, each with its own parking spaces located in the property’s underground garage.



  • 1- to 5-room condominiums
  • Residential units from approx. 29 m² through approx. 117 m² in size
  • Most condominiums with a patio, loggia or rooftop patio
  • Modern, appealing architecture
  • Construction methods compliant with 2016 Energy Saving Ordinance, KfW-55 energy efficiency standard
  • Spacious inner courtyard with a park landscape
  • Property features an underground garage with individual parking spaces
  • Each individual underground parking space can be equipped with a charging point for e-cars
  • Step-free entrances from the underground parking garage to each building
  • Elevator from the basement to the top floor
  • Headroom in living spaces approx. 260 cm
  • Underfloor heating
  • Real wood parquet flooring
  • Brand-name tiles from well-known manufacturers
  • High-quality bathroom equipment, most with walk-in showers
  • Towel warmers in the bathroom and shower room
  • All-off switch for all light outlets in the entrance area
  • Electrical external shutters
  • Video intercom system




Munich is one of the most popular residential areas in Germany, and not without good reason. The excellent business center, outstanding infrastructure, natural surroundings and above all the social, cultural and traditional factors make the Bavarian capital exceptionally popular and friendly.

As a resident of PRISMA PASING, you will get the full benefit from the countless possibilities offered by the city and the many facilities of the fully developed district center of Pasing.


You will find everything you need for everyday life in Pasing-all just a short distance away. You can get right to the center in just seven minutes by bike and enjoy its rich offering of shops, restaurants and leisure facilities.

With a wide variety of shopping facilities on 39,000 m² and over 150 shops, restaurants and cafés, the Pasing Arcaden mall is a true paradise for shopping enthusiasts everywhere.

And if cultural diversity is your thing, you will feel at home at the Pasinger Fabrik. Directly adjacent to the Pasing train station, this cultural and events center offers a colorful spectrum of small shows and cabaret groups, theaters and concerts.

If you are interested in culture, activity and the finer things in life, you will be just as impressed by PRISMA PASING, directly opposite Nymphenburg Palace Park. In addition to about 180 hectares of elaborately designed parklands-ideal for jogging or walking-you will find, among other things, the impressive Nymphenburg Palace and the famous Palmenhaus Café-perfect for a coffee after a long walk through the park.

And if you're in the mood for a little more cosmopolitan city flair, you can get to the city center in a short time thanks to the good public transport and auto connections.


PRISMA PASING is on the east side of the new neighborhood and offers a perfect mix of city and nature.

To the west side, the building shows its urban face. With its lavishly designed mosaic façade and two spacious forecourts, PRISMA PASING blends perfectly into the infrastructure of the new city neighborhood.

A two-story passage leads to the huge park-like inner courtyard.

On the east side, the building overlooks the newly created landscape park and the Nymphenburg Palace Park behind it.


The PRISMA PASING inner courtyard features spacious private park gardens with lovingly landscaped green areas, paths, open spaces and playgrounds.

This is a space where you can relax after work, be with your children when they play on the weekend or just relax and enjoy the sunshine.


Whether you are looking for a compact property for capital investment purposes or a spacious family condominium, PRISMA PASING will have something to suit your needs. Its multifaceted condominiums range in size from around 29 m² through around 117 m² and are designed to accommodate diverse concepts and life plans.

All condominiums have high-quality equipment and furnishings such as real wood parquet flooring, underfloor heating, modern bathrooms mostly with walk-in showers and electrical shutters. Windows that stretch down to the floor and a living space ceiling height of approx. 2.60 m create bright and friendly living spaces.



Our well-thought-out 1- and 2-bedroom apartments are perfect for owner occupation or as a capital investment. They offer efficient space solutions without sacrificing living comfort.


Our terrace condominiums are an especially good choice for families with children. The terraces with garden areas open out towards the spacious inner courtyard with its vast green areas offering a wide range of opportunities for play.

And, by the way, a child daycare center is being planned in PRISMA PASING and four more will come within the neighborhood.

SIMPLY OUTSTANDING the very literal descriptor of our gallery condominiums, with their generous rooftop patios located at the highest points of PRISMA PASING. Their location in the building as well as their well-thought-out two-story floor plans create a feeling of a “house within a house.”

Our gallery condominiums are just the thing for anyone looking for something special.


  • Most condominiums with a patio, loggia or rooftop patio
  • Construction methods compliant with 2016 Energy Saving Ordinance, KfW-55 energy efficiency standard
  • Spacious inner courtyard with a park landscape
  • Property features an underground garage with individual parking spaces
  • Each individual underground parking space can be equipped with a charging point for e-cars
  • Step-free entrances from the underground parking garage to each building
  • Elevator from the basement to the top floor
  • Headroom in living spaces approx. 260 cm
  • Furnishings:
    • Underfloor heating
    • Genuine wood parquet flooring
    • Brand-name tiling from renowned manufacturers
    • Premium bathroom furnishings
    • Most with walk-in showers
    • Towel warmers in bathroom and shower
    • ‘All-off’ switch in the entrance area for all light outlets
    • Electric external shutters
    • Video intercom system

Non-binding living example: 1-room condominium

Non-binding living example: 3-room condominium

Property Prisma Pasing - site plan
Floor plan
House 1
1.0.11 RoomCondominium with LoggiaGround floor37.8941.32359,000.-Available
1.0.21,5 RoomCondominium with LoggiaGround floor47.0549.69449,000.-Available
1.1.13 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor71.2574.93669,000.-Available
1.1.21 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor31.9234.69Sold
1.1.31 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor37.8941.32Sold
1.1.43 RoomCondominium with 2 loggias1st floor81.4286.87739,000.-Available
1.2.13 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor82.3585.23749,000.-Available
1.2.23 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor71.2574.93676,000.-Available
1.2.31 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor31.9234.69Sold
1.2.41 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor37.8941.32Sold
1.2.53 RoomCondominium with Loggia *2nd floor83.8886.52764,000.-Available
1.3.13 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor82.3585.23Sold
1.3.23 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor71.2574.93683,000.-Available
1.3.32 RoomCondominium with Rooftop patio3rd floor53.6162.41539,000.-Reserved
1.3.43 RoomCondominium with Rooftop patio *3rd floor88.4397.53849,000.-Available
House 2
2.0.13 RoomCondominium with Patio *Ground floor90.24102.55812,000.-Available
2.0.22 RoomCondominium with PatioGround floor43.7146.98437,000.-Available
2.1.13 RoomCondominium with Loggia *1st floor74.0476.68699,000.-Available
2.1.23 RoomCondominium with Loggia *1st floor74.6277.26705,000.-Available
2.2.13 RoomCondominium with Loggia *2nd floor74.0476.68707,000.-Available
2.2.23 RoomCondominium with Loggia *2nd floor74.6277.26713,000.-Available
House 3
3.0.13 RoomCondominium with Patio *Ground floor90.24102.55824,000.-Available
3.0.22 RoomCondominium with PatioGround floor43.8647.13438,000.-Available
3.1.13 RoomCondominium with Loggia *1st floor74.0476.68705,000.-Available
3.1.23 RoomCondominium with Loggia *1st floor74.8477.48708,000.-Available
3.2.13 RoomCondominium with Loggia *2nd floor74.0476.68713,000.-Available
3.2.23 RoomCondominium with Loggia *2nd floor74.8477.48716,000.-Available
House 4
4.0.15 RoomCondominium with Patio *Ground floor117.24123.92Sold
4.0.22 RoomCondominium with LoggiaGround floor40.4642.23399,000.-Available
4.1.12 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor44.2047.78440,000.-Available
4.1.24,5 RoomCondominium with Loggia *1st floor105.39108.53924,000.-Available
4.1.32 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor40.4642.23Sold
4.2.12 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor44.2047.78Sold
4.2.24,5 RoomCondominium with Loggia *2nd floor105.39108.53932,000.-Available
4.2.32 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor40.4642.23Sold
4.3.11 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor32.7135.34Sold
4.3.22 RoomCondominium with Rooftop patio *3rd floor74.4083.31734,000.-Available
4.3.32 RoomCondominium with Rooftop patio3rd floor58.5467.13Sold
4.3.42 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor40.4642.23Sold
House 5
5.0.12 RoomCondominium with PatioGround floor46.1249.98459,000.-Available
5.0.22 RoomCondominium with PatioGround floor52.3559.70519,000.-Reserved
5.0.33 RoomCondominium with Patio and loggiaGround floor80.0889.84745,000.-Available
5.0.41 RoomCondominium *Ground floor30.8730.87307,000.-Available
5.1.12 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor48.6052.19504,000.-Available
5.1.23 RoomCondominium with 2 loggias1st floor76.1982.06718,000.-Available
5.1.31 RoomCondominium *1st floor30.8730.87310,000.-Reserved
5.1.43 RoomCondominium with 2 loggias1st floor75.4981.47708,000.-Available
5.2.12 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor48.6052.19509,000.-Available
5.2.23 RoomCondominium with 2 loggias2nd floor76.1982.06725,000.-Available
5.2.31 RoomCondominium *2nd floor30.8730.87Sold
5.2.43 RoomCondominium with 2 loggias2nd floor75.4981.47715,000.-Available
5.3.12 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor48.6052.19514,000.-Available
5.3.23 RoomCondominium with 2 loggias3rd floor76.1982.06732,000.-Reserved
5.3.31 RoomCondominium *3rd floor30.8730.87316,000.-Reserved
5.3.43 RoomCondominium with 2 loggias3rd floor75.4981.47722,000.-Available
5.4.12 RoomCondominium with Loggia4th floor48.6052.19519,000.-Available
5.4.23 RoomCondominium with 2 loggias4th floor76.1982.06Sold
5.4.31 RoomCondominium *4th floor30.8730.87Sold
5.4.43 RoomCondominium with 2 loggias4th floor75.4981.47729,000.-Available
5.5.12 RoomCondominium with Loggia5th floor48.6052.19524,000.-Reserved
5.5.23 RoomCondominium with 2 loggias5th floor76.1982.06Sold
5.5.31 RoomCondominium *5th floor30.8730.87Sold
5.5.43 RoomCondominium with 2 loggias5th floor75.4981.47736,000.-Available
House 6
6.0.12 RoomCondominium with PatioGround floor46.1249.98459,000.-Available
6.0.21 RoomCondominium *Ground floor30.8730.87307,000.-Available
6.0.33 RoomCondominium with Patio and loggiaGround floor79.6089.36742,000.-Available
6.0.42 RoomCondominium with PatioGround floor52.3559.70519,000.-Reserved
6.1.13 RoomCondominium with 2 loggias1st floor75.4981.47708,000.-Available
6.1.21 RoomCondominium *1st floor30.8730.87310,000.-Reserved
6.1.33 RoomCondominium with 2 loggias1st floor75.7181.58718,000.-Available
6.1.42 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor48.6052.19492,000.-Available
6.2.13 RoomCondominium with 2 loggias2nd floor75.4981.47715,000.-Available
6.2.21 RoomCondominium *2nd floor30.8730.87Sold
6.2.33 RoomCondominium with 2 loggias2nd floor75.7181.58725,000.-Available
6.2.42 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor48.6052.19497,000.-Available
6.3.13 RoomCondominium with 2 loggias3rd floor75.4981.47722,000.-Available
6.3.21 RoomCondominium *3rd floor30.8730.87Sold
6.3.33 RoomCondominium with 2 loggias3rd floor75.5881.45732,000.-Available
6.3.42 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor48.6052.19502,000.-Available
6.4.13 RoomCondominium with 2 loggias4th floor75.4981.47729,000.-Available
6.4.21 RoomCondominium *4th floor30.8730.87Sold
6.4.34 RoomCondominium with Rooftop patio4. OG / 5. OG112.01123.39Sold
6.4.43 RoomCondominium with Rooftop patio4. OG / 5. OG94.45105.41Sold
6.4.52 RoomCondominium with Loggia4th floor48.6052.19507,000.-Reserved
6.5.13 RoomCondominium with 2 loggias5th floor75.4981.47Sold
6.5.21 RoomCondominium *5th floor30.8730.87Sold
6.5.32 RoomCondominium with Loggia5th floor48.3651.95Sold
House 7
7.0.12 RoomCondominium with PatioGround floor46.1249.98459,000.-Available
7.0.22 RoomCondominium with PatioGround floor52.3559.69519,000.-Available
7.0.33 RoomCondominium with Patio and loggiaGround floor80.4390.18748,000.-Available
7.0.41 RoomCondominium *Ground floor30.8730.87Sold
7.1.12 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor48.6052.19492,000.-Available
7.1.23 RoomCondominium with 2 loggias1st floor76.5482.41719,000.-Available
7.1.31 RoomCondominium *1st floor30.8730.87Sold
7.1.43 RoomCondominium with 2 loggias1st floor77.2083.18712,000.-Available
7.2.12 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor48.6052.19497,000.-Available
7.2.23 RoomCondominium with 2 loggias2nd floor76.5482.41726,000.-Available
7.2.31 RoomCondominium *2nd floor30.8730.87Sold
7.2.43 RoomCondominium with 2 loggias2nd floor77.2083.18719,000.-Available
7.3.12 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor48.6052.19502,000.-Available
7.3.23 RoomCondominium with 2 loggias3rd floor76.5482.41733,000.-Reserved
7.3.31 RoomCondominium *3rd floor30.8730.87Sold
7.3.43 RoomCondominium with 2 loggias3rd floor77.2083.18726,000.-Available
House 8
8.0.12 RoomCondominium with Patio *Ground floor59.7967.02Sold
8.0.22 RoomCondominium with Loggia *Ground floor60.7264.34549,000.-Available
8.1.14 RoomCondominium with Loggia *1st floor94.0198.41827,000.-Available
8.1.22 RoomCondominium with Loggia *1st floor55.8259.22532,000.-Available
8.1.32 RoomCondominium with Loggia *1st floor60.5464.16558,000.-Available
8.1.41 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor37.0238.99Sold
8.1.53 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor73.8677.18Sold
8.2.14 RoomCondominium with Loggia *2nd floor94.0198.41Sold
8.2.22 RoomCondominium with Loggia *2nd floor55.8259.22537,000.-Available
8.2.32 RoomCondominium with Loggia *2nd floor60.5464.16565,000.-Available
8.2.41 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor37.0238.99Sold
8.2.53 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor73.8677.18Sold
8.3.14 RoomCondominium with Loggia *3rd floor94.0198.41Sold
8.3.22 RoomCondominium with Loggia *3rd floor55.8259.22Sold
8.3.32 RoomCondominium with Loggia *3rd floor60.5464.16572,000.-Available
8.3.41 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor37.0238.99Sold
8.3.53 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor73.8677.18Sold
8.4.13 RoomCondominium with Loggia4th floor80.9185.31748,000.-Available
8.4.23 RoomCondominium with Rooftop patio4. OG / 5. OG77.8987.95Sold
8.4.34 RoomCondominium with Rooftop patio4. OG / 5. OG103.60115.27Sold
8.5.13 RoomCondominium with Loggia5th floor80.9185.31758,000.-Available
8.5.22 RoomCondominium with Loggia5th floor42.4945.04Sold
House 9
9.1.14 RoomCondominium with Loggia *1st floor94.4798.92837,000.-Available
9.2.13 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor65.0667.10Sold
9.2.24 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor90.5494.99Sold
9.2.34 RoomCondominium with Loggia *2nd floor94.4798.92Sold
9.3.13 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor65.0667.10Sold
9.3.24 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor90.5494.99Sold
9.3.34 RoomCondominium with Loggia *3rd floor94.4798.92Sold
9.4.13 RoomCondominium with Loggia4th floor65.0667.10Sold
9.4.24 RoomCondominium with Loggia4th floor90.5494.99Sold
9.4.34 RoomCondominium with Loggia *4th floor94.4798.92Sold
9.5.13 RoomCondominium with Loggia5th floor65.0667.10Sold
9.5.24 RoomCondominium with Loggia5th floor90.5494.99Sold
9.5.34 RoomCondominium with Loggia *5th floor94.4798.92Sold
House 10
10.2.12 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor42.8845.50Sold
10.2.23 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor67.4869.44Sold
10.2.32 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor39.7942.34Sold
10.2.43 RoomCondominium with 2 loggias *2nd floor84.2187.15716,000.-Available
10.2.52 RoomCondominium with Loggia *2nd floor60.7765.17565,000.-Available
10.3.12 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor42.8845.50Sold
10.3.23 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor67.4869.44Sold
10.3.32 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor39.7942.34Sold
10.3.43 RoomCondominium with 2 loggias *3rd floor84.2187.15Sold
10.3.52 RoomCondominium with Loggia *3rd floor60.7765.17571,000.-Available
10.4.12 RoomCondominium with Loggia4th floor42.8845.50Sold
10.4.23 RoomCondominium with Rooftop patio4. OG / 5. OG88.75100.16Sold
10.4.33 RoomCondominium with Rooftop patio4. OG / 5. OG89.80103.73Sold
10.4.44 RoomCondominium with Loggia *4th floor91.7096.10Sold
10.5.12 RoomCondominium with Loggia5th floor42.8845.50Sold
10.5.24 RoomCondominium with Loggia *5th floor91.7096.10Sold
House 11
11.0.12 RoomCondominium with LoggiaGround floor47.3750.05438,000.-Available
11.1.13 RoomCondominium with Loggia *1st floor73.4176.69691,000.-Available
11.1.23 RoomCondominium with Loggia *1st floor69.4372.80655,000.-Available
11.2.13 RoomCondominium with Loggia *2nd floor73.4176.69699,000.-Available
11.2.23 RoomCondominium with Loggia *2nd floor69.4372.80661,000.-Available
11.3.13 RoomCondominium with Loggia *3rd floor73.4176.69707,000.-Available
11.3.23 RoomCondominium with Loggia *3rd floor69.4372.80Sold
House 12
12.0.12 RoomCondominium with PatioGround floor46.1448.82Sold
12.0.21 RoomCondominium with PatioGround floor38.3345.52Sold
12.0.34 RoomCondominium with Patio and loggia *Ground floor101.59116.18Sold
12.0.42 RoomCondominium with LoggiaGround floor43.7146.95Sold
12.1.14 RoomCondominium with Loggia *1st floor97.84100.73867,000.-Available
12.1.21 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor29.1030.36Sold
12.1.34 RoomCondominium with Loggia *1st floor91.8495.17Sold
12.1.42 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor43.7146.95Sold
12.2.14 RoomCondominium with Loggia *2nd floor97.84100.73876,000.-Available
12.2.21 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor29.1030.36Sold
12.2.34 RoomCondominium with Loggia *2nd floor91.8495.17Sold
12.2.42 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor43.7146.95Sold
12.3.14 RoomCondominium with Loggia *3rd floor97.84100.73Sold
12.3.21 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor29.1030.36Sold
12.3.34 RoomCondominium with Loggia *3rd floor91.8495.17Sold
12.3.42 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor43.7146.95Sold
12.4.14 RoomCondominium with Loggia *4th floor97.84100.73Sold
12.4.21 RoomCondominium with Loggia4th floor29.1030.36Sold
12.4.33 RoomCondominium with Rooftop patio4th floor88.5697.99Sold
12.4.42 RoomCondominium with Rooftop patio *4th floor69.1376.53662,000.-Available
12.4.52 RoomCondominium with Loggia4th floor43.5046.74Sold
12.5.14 RoomCondominium with Loggia *5th floor97.84100.73Sold
12.5.21 RoomCondominium with Loggia5th floor29.1030.36Sold
12.5.33 RoomCondominium with Loggia5th floor75.1178.52Sold
12.5.42 RoomCondominium with Loggia *5th floor57.6060.63568,000.-Available
12.5.52 RoomCondominium with Loggia5th floor43.5046.74Sold
12.6.14 RoomCondominium with Loggia *6th floor97.84100.73Sold
12.6.21 RoomCondominium with Loggia6th floor29.1030.36Sold
12.6.33 RoomCondominium with Loggia6th floor75.1178.52Sold
12.6.42 RoomCondominium with Loggia *6th floor57.6060.63Sold
12.6.52 RoomCondominium with Loggia6th floor43.5046.74Sold
House 13
13.0.12 RoomCondominium with PatioGround floor41.2143.89Sold
13.0.22 RoomCondominium with PatioGround floor52.8360.54Sold
13.0.31 RoomCondominium with PatioGround floor38.7742.85379,000.-Available
13.1.12 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor45.7848.51439,000.-Available
13.1.22 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor50.4252.54Sold
13.1.33 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor67.8270.25Sold
13.1.42 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor50.5752.74483,000.-Available
13.1.52 RoomCondominium with Loggia *1st floor51.5454.05491,000.-Available
13.2.12 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor45.7848.51Sold
13.2.22 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor50.4252.54Sold
13.2.33 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor67.8270.25613,000.-Available
13.2.42 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor50.4952.66490,000.-Available
13.2.52 RoomCondominium with Loggia *2nd floor51.5454.05497,000.-Available
13.3.12 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor45.7848.51449,000.-Available
13.3.22 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor50.4252.54Sold
13.3.33 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor67.8270.25622,000.-Available
13.3.42 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor50.4952.66Sold
13.3.52 RoomCondominium with Loggia *3rd floor51.5454.05502,000.-Available
13.4.12 RoomCondominium with Loggia4th floor45.7848.51Sold
13.4.22 RoomCondominium with Loggia4th floor50.4252.54Sold
13.4.34 RoomCondominium with Rooftop patio4th floor104.94116.67Sold
13.4.43 RoomCondominium with Rooftop patio4th floor93.64107.66Sold
13.4.52 RoomCondominium with Loggia *4th floor51.5454.05508,000.-Available
13.5.12 RoomCondominium with Loggia5th floor45.7848.51460,000.-Available
13.5.22 RoomCondominium with Loggia5th floor50.4252.54Sold
13.5.34 RoomCondominium with Loggia5th floor90.6994.35Sold
13.5.43 RoomCondominium with Loggia5th floor79.5881.81Sold
13.5.52 RoomCondominium with Loggia *5th floor51.5454.05513,000.-Available
13.6.12 RoomCondominium with Loggia6th floor45.7848.51465,000.-Available
13.6.22 RoomCondominium with Loggia6th floor50.4252.54Sold
13.6.34 RoomCondominium with Loggia6th floor90.6994.35842,000.-Reserved
13.6.43 RoomCondominium with Loggia6th floor79.5881.81Sold
13.6.52 RoomCondominium with Loggia *6th floor51.5454.05518,000.-Available
House 14
14.0.12 RoomCondominium with PatioGround floor62.5767.59574,000.-Available
14.0.22 RoomCondominium with PatioGround floor53.4860.55Sold
14.1.13 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor68.5071.02Sold
14.1.23 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor71.5374.05Sold
14.1.32 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor54.2356.40Sold
14.1.42 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor42.9545.18Sold
14.1.52 RoomCondominium with Loggia *1st floor55.5457.78522,000.-Available
14.2.13 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor68.5071.02Sold
14.2.23 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor71.5374.05Sold
14.2.32 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor54.2356.40522,000.-Available
14.2.42 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor42.9545.18Sold
14.2.52 RoomCondominium with Loggia *2nd floor55.5457.78527,000.-Available
14.3.13 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor68.5071.02Sold
14.3.23 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor71.5374.05Sold
14.3.32 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor54.2356.40Sold
14.3.42 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor42.9545.18Sold
14.3.52 RoomCondominium with Loggia *3rd floor55.5457.78535,000.-Available
House 15
15.0.11,5 RoomCondominium with PatioGround floor38.3641.04379,000.-Available
15.0.22 RoomCondominium with PatioGround floor53.4860.55512,000.-Available
15.1.13 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor66.6669.09632,000.-Available
15.1.22 RoomCondominium with Loggia1st floor42.9645.22Sold
15.1.32 RoomCondominium with Loggia *1st floor55.5457.78529,000.-Available
15.2.13 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor66.6669.09639,000.-Available
15.2.22 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor50.8152.98489,000.-Available
15.2.32 RoomCondominium with Loggia2nd floor42.9645.22Sold
15.2.42 RoomCondominium with Loggia *2nd floor55.5457.78534,000.-Available
15.3.13 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor66.6669.09646,000.-Available
15.3.22 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor50.8152.98494,000.-Available
15.3.32 RoomCondominium with Loggia3rd floor42.9645.22427,000.-Reserved
15.3.42 RoomCondominium with Loggia *3rd floor55.5457.78538,000.-Available
Number of Condominiums: 255


* Article 48 of the Bavarian Building Code prohibits any change to this condominium's floor plan.


The purchaser of each condominium must also acquire a parking space in the underground garage from the following options (regarding the availability, the location and the exact technical specifications of the parking systems of the underground parking spaces, please contact your contact person on behalf of DEMOS Wohnbau GmbH in the section "Contact".):


  • Own parking space, approx. 2.51 m wide for EUR 29,500
  • Own parking space, approx. 2.60 m wide for EUR 29,900
  • Own parking space, approx. 2.75 m wide for EUR 30,900
  • Own parking space, approx. 2.85 m wide for EUR 31,900
  • Own parking space, approx. 3.50 m wide for EUR 32,900
  • Own parking space, approx. 3.90 m wide for EUR 33,900


Preliminary figures in accordance with Article 16 of the Energy Saving Ordinance:


  • Energy pass classification: Energy performance certificate – Preview
    (Note: all of the following figures are based on the energy performance certificate – preview)
  • Final energy requirement: 46.5 kWh / (m²a), (when a project includes multiple buildings, the highest value throughout the complex is indicated)
  • Primary energy source for heating and hot water: District heating from SWM (Munich’s public utility Company)
  • Year of construction: 2019 (Note: New building, first occupancy)
  • Energy efficiency category: A



by arrangement


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