What's important when selecting the floor plan of an apartment?

Naturally, layouts of condo floor plans change to fit the styles of the times. People used to prefer a strict separation between the rooms, whereas now open solutions are in trend. However, the most important thing is to ask the right questions: Which floor plan best fits me and my family? How should the rooms be divided so that everyone who lives there feels truly at home?

 The way we use a condominium or house today has changed. Our standards and lifestyles in particular have altered which is why it makes sense to consider what your everyday life at home will look like in the future before deciding on a specific floor plan.

The "formal living room" is becoming a rarity. Nowadays it's a multifunctional room that can be used for everything from a family cinema to a play area to a home office to a dining area.

That doesn't mean that open concepts are the only modern ones. The only important thing is that the occupants feel at home. Those who seek tranquility and a place to retreat to will prefer a solution with doors you can close.

The roles of the bedroom and bathroom have also changed. In modern apartments, the bathroom is always directly accessible from the bedroom. This combination allows residents to create their own little wellness area, for example.

The kitchen is naturally also a core topic. If the cook prefers not to be alone as he or she works but rather in communication with the family and guests, then an "open kitchen" that usually also integrates a dining area and living room is recommended.

Whether you prefer an open or conventional living concept, there always has to be plenty of daylight. Modern apartments with large windows, usually ones that stretch to the floor, give the impression of more space and create a friendly, pleasant atmosphere.

What's also worth a closer look is how much design flexibility you'll have for any future changes to your living situation, such as should the number of occupants change. Is your home office also suitable as a child's room or could your hobby room be used as a bedroom?

As a rule, the floor plans of newly constructed apartments consider the changing requirements that people have for an intelligent division of living space. Nonetheless, the decision for a specific floor plan layout should always be as individual as possible.