The prettiest swimming lakes in and around Munich

Munich and its outskirts offer wonderful options for cooling off during the hot days of summer. Whether you meet friends there for beach volleyball and grilling, take the whole family there for an outing, or simply stop by shortly after work to relax, it's worth discovering your new, favorite swimming lake for this summer. Here we present the prettiest swimming lakes and their highlights in brief:

Lerchenauer See

Lerchenauer See is one of the smaller swimming lakes, but on the plus side it's quite centrally located on the northwestern side of the Olympiapark in Munich.
Highlight: There's a cozy beer garden with a view of the lake on the western shore.


Fasaneriesee on the northwestern side of Munich is ringed by many old trees and bushes, so it offers lots of shaded spots on hot days.
Highlight: There's a small restaurant with a beer garden on the northeastern shore of the lake.


Feringasee is the largest swimming lake near Munich and very popular with sunbathers. The southern shore is the official swimming area and the peninsula beyond the kiosk is a permitted nudist area. Grilling is permitted on nearly every meadow along the southern shore.
Highlight: Check out the great sandy beach.

Poschinger Weiher

In Unterföhring next to Feringasee you'll find the smaller Poschinger Weiher. Along the western shore there are meadows for sunbathing and ping pong tables, and sand has been laid down on parts of the shore.
Highlight:  The nice beer garden of St. Emmeram near the wooden bridge in Oberföhring.

Garchinger See

Garchinger Kiesweiher to the northwest of Garching offers lots of sunbathing areas with pretty trees, sports facilities, recreational options and children's playgrounds.
Highlight: There's a nice grilling area between the kiosk and the training fields.

Feldmochinger See

The largest of the three swimming lakes in Munich's Dreiseenplatte gives you a real feeling of being on vacation. The nicest part here is the western shore.
Highlight: It's permitted here to grill with wood coal or gas.

Lußsee, Langwieder See & Birkensee

Lußsee is right near Langwieder See and Birkensee on the northwestern side of Munich. The pebble beach is especially good for children.
Birkensee is the smallest of the trio and perfect for relaxation.
Highlight: You can have more lake; Langwieder See is only a few meters from the western shore of Lußsee.


This lake may be a bit farther away from Munich, but it's definitely worth the trip as a family outing. Water slides, wading pools and the like along with sunbathing and picnicking areas provide something for young and old. You're also allowed to grill here at indicated charcoal grilling areas.
Highlight: You can enjoy the beautiful mountain panorama from the lake.

Karlsfelder See

Karlsfelder See lies on the outskirts of Karlsfeld and can be reached from Munich by bicycle. Two restaurants with beer gardens are open to visitors year round.
Highlight: Enjoy a walk or hike on the paths around the lake.

Riemer See

This lake offers you a real holiday feeling very near the capital city. The pebble beach on the eastern shore is great for sunbathing.
Highlight: There's a beautiful park established in 2005 as part of the “Bundesgartenschau”, Germany's national horticultural show.


Regattaparksee and its regatta pier were built for the 1972 Olympic Games. On the northern and western side of the lake there's plenty of room and wide fields for sunbathing or picnicking.
Highlight: Practiced swimmers will enjoy a swim to the sunbathing island in the middle of the lake.

Germeringer See

West of Munich you'll find Germeringer See, which reaches a comfortable swimming temperature early in the summer season. The water quality of the lake is exceptionally high.
Highlight: There's a wooden adventure path through the nearby recreational area.


Wörthsee is near Ammersee and about 25 km southwest of Munich, making it ideal for a longer cycling tour. As one of the most beautiful and cleanest swimming lakes in Bavaria, it's always worth a trip.
Highlight: Take a gondola ride from Bachern into Bachener Cove and along the lake shore to the island called Wörthinsel.


East of Ammersee, about 35 kilometers from Munich, you'll find Pilsensee and its picturesque shores dotted with reeds and water lilies. Swimming next to Castle Seefeld is one of life's simple pleasures.
Highlight: This place is popular with surfers.

Echinger See

Echinger See right next to Munich boasts about 24°C water, making it refreshingly ideal after sunbathing on the spacious green lawns.
Highlight: It also has beach volleyball courts and ping pong tables.

Your DEMOS Team

PS: From the DEMOS “FORUM ALLACH” condominium ensemble in Munich Allach-Untermenzing, it's exactly 12 minutes by bicycle to Langwiedersee and Lußsee.