Sales start for buildings 6 - 8 from the 1st sales tranche for “FORUM ALLACH” in Allach-Untermenzing

Looking for standards of living and quality of life? You've found them!

There's no doubt about the charms of Munich's inner city. But as a healthier alternative to the "constant downtown torrent", we recommend selected city neighborhoods, for example, Allach. Allach has a markedly diverse range of ways to spend your free time. Numerous lakes nearby invite you go for a refreshing swim during the summer months.

Take advantage of the next sales tranche of the “FORUM ALLACH” building project at Allach's Oertelplatz: The project is being supplemented and expanded to include buildings 6 to 8. These so-called "Punkthaeuser" featuring 1- to 4-room condominiums with about 29 to 92 square meters of living space each, will be constructed in modern DEMOS architecture and, thanks to the comprehensive infrastructure, will offer the ideal framework for your daily needs and errands.

As a future owner, you'll get to work quickly and take your kids to school safely, and you'll all reach downtown Munich easily thanks to the adjacent commuter train station. On the way home, you're sure to smile when you again see how bright, friendly and inviting your own four walls are. After all, you're surrounded by quality. The floor plans are well-conceived and promise optimal opportunities for usage, while the equipment and furnishings guarantee enduring quality.

Are you curious? In that case, find out more about “FORUM ALLACH” at our Information Center in the Hotel im Bunker at Lautenschlägerstraße 26.