Highly coveted in Munich: the two-room condominium

The demand for two-room condominiums in German cities, especially Munich, is enormous. It's no wonder, since this type of condo is the ideal solution in terms of value for money.

A "2-Zi.-Whg.", as you'll often see it listed, is relatively inexpensive considering that the number of square meters is on the low side and two rooms are more versatile living concepts than a 1-room condominium.

The two rooms are normally divided into a living and dining area and a sleeping area. However, two separate, autonomous sleeping/living areas are also possible (e.g. as a shared apartment). Consequently, two rooms create a lot more flexibility, which also increases the number of potentially interested renters. This circumstance also makes a 2-room condominium more interesting for investors. Instead of investing in the smallest unit, that is, a 1-room condominium, the initially higher purchase price of a 2-room condo as a rule pays off for an investor.

The flexible living principle is also beneficial for seniors: short distances, a manageable arrangement of rooms and yet the option of private space for couples. This is what makes the 2-room condominium so popular among all age groups.