Destinations around Munich: The booming outskirts of Munich

The attractiveness of Munich's environs continues to grow. The districts surrounding Munich have long been known as idyllic regions for outings and vacations. Meanwhile, their economic power and infrastructure have also developed significantly and new industries have settled here on the gateway to Munich. What's so attractive about the region today and in the future?

An overview of Munich's surroundings

The Greater Munich Area consists of 29 cities and communities that surround Bavaria's capital from the north to the southwest in the shape of a horseshoe. Munich's city center can be reached easily from anywhere in this area, be it by car along the national roads, the city ring road and the autobahns or by public transportation. The commuter train system (the S‑Bahn) spans more than 440 kilometers and connects the inner city of Munich to its environs. Regional buses further fill in this network with another 4,200 kilometers and cover the entire Munich surroundings. The good transport links in all directions and the high quality of life in the region make this "horseshoe" more than a very attractive place to live. Companies in pioneering industries are also finding that it meets their precise requirements and are settling here as well.

Gaining in importance: the "Isar Valley"

After "laptop and lederhosen", a new term has been coined: "Isar Valley" is the unofficial name for Munich and its environs as an IT center of global significance. Over the last decade, notable microelectronics and high-tech firms have established their headquarters around Munich, and research institutes and representatives of new media are also becoming more and more strongly represented. In figures, a study by the lUK found that there were already around 35,000 companies with more than 147,000 employees based in Munich and the region back in 2014. And the trend continues to rise.

Economic strength and high quality of life

Proof that the existing good infrastructure is steadily drawing more companies to Munich's outlying area can be found in a forecast by the Empirica Institute of Berlin. They project that the number of working residents in the region, which is currently around 1.7 million, will increase by another 150,000 to 280,000 people by the year 2030. This influx isn't due merely to the good economic foundation here. The high quality of life around Munich is one of the most important aspects for choosing it as a place to live. Whether you look at it in terms of recreation, holiday, sports, gastronomy, sightseeing or nature, Munich's environs and their wealth of offerings have often been praised. You can find one of the best summaries on the official portal of the city of Munich.
Therefore it's no wonder that the idyllic surroundings and their landscape, the lakes and nearby mountains are enjoying increasing popularity. There are few other areas that combine the triad of people, nature and business so harmoniously.