A major plus in Munich: the public transit

Munich and its region are a magnet for many people. They're drawn there not only for the strong economy but also for the above-average quality of life. In turn, there are a multitude of mobility options in Munich to ensure this quality.

In 2015 alone, around 566 million passengers used the subways and commuter trains. The MVG (Munich's public transit system) and Deutsche Bahn (German railways) plan to continue to improve and expand their range of local public transit opportunities. One example of this is the upcoming project to build a second main commuter train line to take much of the burden off the current network. There are also plans for express commuter trains. These will connect the outer districts more rapidly to the city, especially during peak times, and cut up to 10 minutes of travel time. More subway stations and the steady optimization of the bus and tram network will also ensure that the growth of Munich remains well in motion.

Mobility by day and night

Night owls and people who work very early are delighted because the last subway journey signals the start of the night service. Hourly on work days and every 30 minutes on weekends, the night lines of the MVG get their passengers home safely around the clock.

Bike & Ride with a rental bike

There's a relatively new service in Munich; 1,200 rental bikes are distributed throughout the city ready for use. This is how the MVG closes the transport gap represented by "the last mile", so passengers can reach their destinations without a car or taxi. What's especially convenient is that the MVV timetable information now includes a cycle route planner, so users can plan their cycle route in combination with local public transit.

Digital aid for individual planning

It's much easier to plan a trip today than during the old days of printed timetables. The official MVG app, which is free of charge, shows the timetables for the entire region; you can use it to purchase tickets and get actual arrival and departure times for each stop in real time. The "MVG more" app was recently launched. You can conveniently use it to find the closest MVG rental bike or vehicle from a car sharing partner. With an integrated city map and location function, you can find the destination easily and dependably.

Next stop: the future

Local public transit in Munich and the region usually makes the news if there's a breakdown or stoppage. Statistically, however, the frequency of such things is extremely slight compared to the thousands of on-time connections made every day. Great efforts are being made to expand the network and more and faster connections, as well as additional and supplemental services, are being added. Last but not least, the safety and comfort of passengers is constantly undergoing optimization. All of this contributes to the fact that the quality of life in and around Munich gets a little better every single day.